With Great Dad (Power) Comes Great Responsibility

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Yes, I am still a big fan of super hero comics/movies. Marvel or DC I don’t care. I just love them all. My latest movie was The Incredibles 2 and this one was very special as this was the first movie Vivaan, my son saw (‘went’ will be more appropriate) in a theater. Well, it was a whole new experience but that’s for later.

Coming back to the topic, we all know that the line ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ was said by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Spiderman) just before he was killed. You might wonder what’s the connection.

The connection is that Uncle Ben wasn’t talking about Peter’s super powers. He didn’t even know that he was the spiderman. Power can be anything and we all humans have them. Some have the power of intelligence while some have the power of physical strength. From what we say or what we do or how our actions affect the life of others around us is power.

It’s no secret that babies learn by watching the things around them and especially from us, the parents. They learn by observing adults, even when we are not intentionally trying to teach them anything and these habits can stay forever.

I have noticed Vivaan observing everything I do and now he tries to copy it.  Well whatever he can. The way I stand (Hand Folded), the way I handle my laptop while working (Laptop on my lap & legs on Bed), how I put on my floaters (One hand on wall for support & the other to tighten the strap) etc etc. Latest being how I walk around the house when talking on phone. He will pick up the phone & just blabber around pretending to talk to someone. I really have to think now before I speak or do anything as he might just pick up anything.

The good part is, he has already taken a few good habits. For instance, he will always sign to put on his seat belt if he sits in front with me in the car. That is because he has been noticing me do every time we sit in the car. Yes, at times he doesn’t want to put it on or wears it only for some time but I guess it’s a good start.

We are under constant observation by these tiny versions of ours. They are unknowingly constantly soaking up every minute detail of our way of life.

It’s a 4 step process

– Keenly watch and listen
– Process the information
– Attempt to copy the behaviour
– Practice

The achievement gives them a big sense of independence. Trust me their thrill is beyond words. Also, they love all the attention they get during the whole exercise!!

What I am trying to say here is very simple. What we say or do today is what they learn and how they behave. It is us who should watch our behavior and try becoming a good influence and example for the children.

We have the ‘power’, hence the ‘great responsibility’ to help make them a better person and prepare them for life. I guess this is what our dads wanted of us & it is what we want from our kids.


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