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7 types of Fathers you need to know in 2020!

They days of parks and playgrounds filled with only moms and kids are thing of the past. Nowadays, its dads or fathers who shoulder the responsibility and make it look all natural and fun. They even do one better by being actively involved with the kids activities and not let skids have all the fun.

At least most of the time. but it will be shortsighted to term all dads as same because as every human being is distinct in characters and habit, same can be drawn about fathers. This differentiation can be due to ones relationship with the person, their habits, interests, profession or even their fashion statement.

We have tried to span the full spectrum to come up with a list of types of father:

1. Paternal Father or biological father: When a male person is involved in your inception and arrival in this world, he is your paternal father or your biological father. However, as relationships go awry in life and if your mother remarries another male, then the new person will be your present father.

But your Paternal or biological father still remains the same. The term biological father is aptly coined as that person is biologically involved to bring you in this world and you become his biological son or daughter.

2.The involved dad: Here is a dad who is actively engaged in their kids life and is emotionally available to them when ever they need a reliable and trustworthy person to open their heart to. He is someone who is not afraid to affirm his love for his children, and when they’re in his presence, they feel emotionally and physically safe and secure.

These fathers due to their unique style of handling babies and communicating with them offer a different view to the baby, as opposed to the mother.

The Involved dad
The Involved dad (C: thegoodmenproject)

Boys who have the presence of involved fathers understand how to channel their physicality and aggression in constructive ways. They from a very young age learn the importance of family and how to keep it safe, they understand from fathers about male sexuality and its valid behaviors and they also pick up certain nuances that help them figure out tricky situations.

3. The Geek dad: Have you ever come across a father daughter or a father son duo, where the dad is dressed as Batman and the mini me is dressed as Robin? Or in some cases the father is dressed as Stormtrooper to his kid’s Darth Vader.

The Geek Dad
The Geek Dad

I have also seen a combination of Gandalf the Grey and Frodo Baggins at a father son theme party. Well, such dads are termed as Geek dads, because of their over indulgence in comics and the characters related to it. You will find such dads at comic-cons themed to the neck in their favorite character and mostly resembles to the characters in “The big Bang theory”

4. The Sports dad: Here is a father who is always indulged in sports to a level that all the accessories is branded by his favorite club team. Naturally his kid does not get to pick their own team and before they even realize other teams which are playing, the dad gifts them a jersey of his favorite team with a custom name at the back.

Sports dad
Sports dad

There are also scenarios when his favorite club team is preparing for a major trophy and the same sentiment gets carried to the domestic scene where the father starts practicing with his kid as if he is also part of the squad. you can also find him all excited on the side lines cheering up his team or yelling at the referee to play fair.

5. The Workout dad: This type of father will be seen waking up before crack of dawn, getting ready and killing a workout which is envious of a professional athlete. If they some how are not able to have their workout, their is a feeling of uneasiness for the entire day and it only goes away when they knock one out of the park the very next day.

Workout dad
Workout dad

Such fathers, raise their kids in similar manner as they lead by example and show them the importance of discipline in life. This type of dad will be careful of what he eats and at the same time exhibit the importance of healthy eating to the younger generation at home.

You would not find him munching on burgers or fries but instead he will be seen picking up grilled chicken or fish as a regular meal.

6. The Fun dad: This dad is an overgrown kid in a man’s body and is the favorite one for the kids for obvious reasons. He is not the one imparting discipline or rules as is traditionally a father’s role, but he is one of the chaos creators and the rule breakers.

Fun dad
Fun dad

He enjoys every bit of being the kid and in a manner tries to relive his time as a kid. If there are broken see -saws or toy clutter in the house he is mostly a suspect. He is the first one to get excited about the approaching birthday of his kid and enjoys it like his own.

You will find him blowing balloons and putting shimmers around the house to celebrate the small events. He will be also instrumental in getting chocolates and candies for the kids, even though he might eat most of it himself.

7. The traditional dad: Ok, we all have a bit of this dad in us. But in some, he really is a chip of the old skool. He is a determined , responsible and straight talking father who always tries to intimidate the others in the house.

He plays by the rules he has established and more likely its his way or the high way. He will push his kids to read or listen to something boring and will go through the pain to explaining its importance. He will always be neatly dressed and more likely will be oblivious to the fashion and how things have changed form his younger years.

He is the one who will call it as he sees it and becomes a trustworthy resort to honest opinions both for kids and adults.











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