Fathers and mothers wish thy knew

What these Fathers and Mothers wish they knew before having kids

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Welcome to the real Hustle! This seems to be the silent war cry for most of the new parents out there. Parenting comes with lot of changes and uncertainties and no matter how prepared you are as a mother or a father, one is always playing catch up. Am i a good parent? Do I know what I’m doing? Do the kids know I’m rookie at this?Am i setting a bad example? These are some of the questions that keep popping up in your mind as a father or a mother as you go about the whole parenthood process.

Even though the list of such questions seems to be unending, in retrospect lot of parents wish they knew certain things or could have asked more pressing questions to be more self educated and prepared for what was coming their way. That’s why we asked a handful of mothers and fathers to look back and tell us what they wish they knew about themselves before they became parents.

My Mini me would be so cool

“Before I had the baby I was a regular 20/ something. I had my work, my friends circle, of-course my family and a whole lot of hobbies. After a few years of marriage you “settle in”. Things become a routine. Imagine having a wonderful spark of life added at this moment. Our baby girl was exactly that. I wish I knew before I had a baby that how cool would it be to have a miniature version of me. I would have had a baby sooner. And well if that isn’t reason enough, then add to it the wonderful new “soft emotional” side I saw to my better half. This makes him even more desirable. I wish I knew all this before the baby. But to be honest, I am happy that somethings are better found out at the right time” – Dr Era S Dutta , insta @momkibaat

The fun never stops

“They all said that when I have kids, I will be relieved of the mammoth of a high risk pregnancy  I had with the twins. Then they said, the difficulties are only till 2 years. Then they said, once they start school, it will get easier. They are 6 years old now, and they are still the #twinadoes they were! 😂 I wish someone told me, it does not, absolutely DOES Not get easy with Twins. You just get used to it, or may be not, you just give up cribbing as much.” – Prisha Lalwani, insta @mummasaurus1

The luxury to take long showers. 

“No one tells you that you become a pro at taking a bath at super speed when you have kids. You have a feeling they need you as soon as you step in the shower. Not to mention toddlers lingering outside your door waiting for you to come out. No book mentions it. And even if you do get time for long showers, your conscience doesn’t let you. You finish up quickly just to be with them again. You don’t want to be away from them. No one tells you about this feeling.” – Monika, insta @mamabear.mona

The luxury to sleep for long hours

“The thing i didn’t know i had to face it after my baby was born was * Lack of sleep*… Though it never bothered me because after two three days i had made my mind that i had to go on like this only. But still i wish i could have known i had to wake up without even being alarmed.. Babies got a bell which they ring and we go up to them. I didn’t know this earlier.. now that what is real life.. i was in reel life that if a baby is sleeping mumma is also resting, but i am happy also, i am able to know my strength out of my weaknesses” – CS Geetiks Sehgal, insta @Shivanya_mom

They Grow up So fast

“We’ve all heard the phrase, they grow so fast. I wish I knew just how very true that statement was. Watching my daughter grow from my little princess to an eleven year old young lady is both a joy and a challenge. The joy is obvious, it is wonderful to see her successfully progress through life’s journey. The challenge is experiencing the increasing distance, between a child and parent, that naturally occurs as a child begins to carve out her/his own reality – separate from their parents’ reality.  I just wish I knew what a roller coaster of emotions that would truly be. Perhaps, I could have better prepared or maybe not.” – Mark Winkler, insta @fatherhood_circle

Sleep goes for a toss

“I was advised to sleep when your kids sleeps while I was expecting. But that turned out to be impossible. My 2 months old boy goes to sleep at 5 Am, but I have to start my day at 7 Am. He sleep very little in the day time, so I end up getting only 2 hours of sleep” – Vaishalhi Nimit Shah, insta @blogofveer

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