What do you think when you see your grandparents growing old?

When I was young, i would see my grand mother going through daily chores at maniac speed and efficiency. She would also be my maths teacher as she was one of the few mathematics wizard of her time. I have seen her from running behind me with a stick if i get an answer wrong to cooking for us and also shake a leg at our birthday parties.

Over the years she got old and started coughing a little during the day when there would be change of climate. I remember the uneasiness i would feel when i could hear her coughing that i would start pacing around the house, not knowing what to do. I was may be 11 or 12 then. She went on to enjoy a long life before her final calling.

The strange thing here is the helplessness that you feel when your dear one gets old and sick in front of you. I felt this with my grandmother and have started to feel the same for my mother as she is transitioning towards 70 years. With old age comes various pains and aches of the back and the knee and basically fruits of the labour you did in your younger years. (She was a sportsperson)

But what also comes along with this struggle is the vigour to live life to the fullest. My mother would often reminisce about the younger years when she could run marathons and pretty much play active sports all through the day. These memories are often recalled when she starts feeling the aches while bending or her knees start to stiffen up and hamper her walk. And then she would smile and i could see the glory and the triumph of yesteryears in her eyes.

In such moments you feel the urge to do multitude of things. You try and leverage the best that technology and science has to offer to help your parents. visit the best doctors hoping that someone can outdo the last prescription and transform your parents back to their younger self. But as you repeat this futile exercise over and over, what also sinks into you is the plain truth of life.

No matter what we do, how hard we try, be the best possible son or daughter to your aging parents, there is only so much you can do. Instead, try and make the best of the time you have with them. Spend hours with them talking , asking them how was their day, even if this means coaxing them repeatedly. They need feel your love and understand that everything else is of less significance to you and that talking and spending time with them is of paramount importance.

Love them 🙂

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