Husband Wife

Husband Wife

What are the three compliments women want to hear from their husband?

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Compliments go a long way in relationships and add a special strength to a marriage which is vital, especially when things go rough. It acts as a gentle reminder, that there is mutual adoration in this relationship and the gloom is just temporary.

We have put together a list of three pleasing compliments that will give your marriage that special strength to make it last:

The magical phrase – I love you

Let the magical words appear on a daily basis along you chores together or even when you are just sitting together having tea or watching television. Why bring it out only when there are special occasions. Just like you have vitamins daily for your health, think of it like your daily dose of essential vitamins for your marriage.

Of course there are various ways to say this, rather then just literal words, if need be to mix it up. Small gestures always end up talking big, without any huge expense. For instance, you may ask her for an after-dinner walk, change one room into a dance floor and both of you can dance together, arrange a candle light dinner in your backyard on holidays etc. These are acts that scream “I love you” in a more deeper way and creates memories for your better half and yourself to reminisce.

Winifred M. Reilly puts it well well sayingAs couples, we express love through our everyday actions — our gestures of kindness, our generosity, our attention, our touch. We say, ‘Drive safely.’ ‘Take an umbrella.’ We kiss each other goodnight. And our spouse hears, ‘I love you,’ in a way that touches more deeply than words.”

You are beautiful

Another powerful phrase to add with the point above is complimenting your better half and saying that she is beautiful. This is something women just love to hear an makes them glow from inside and as soon you say it, you can see the difference.

This is independent of the stage of your marriage right from newly married or been married for 50 years. Just tell her she is beautiful. This might need some practise as well if you have not said it before. You might be the busiest person on earth, your wife needs to know that she is your priority. She needs to hear you say how and what you feel about her so she can reciprocate.

Its a basic human need to get yourself periodically validated especially from our loved ones. For the wife, her husband has a unique way of validating who she is, regardless of her appearance, achievements, or otherwise. Take time to describe things you love about her, and draw attention to her intrinsic value as your wife and daughter of the King.

“You make me want to be a better man.”

In the late 90’s the movie As Good As It Gets, starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt debuted in theatres and was a smash hit. The movie garnered an array of Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations that year.

In marriage, which is like an equal partnership, who is the best person to turn to for motivation, especially when you are struggling. Let that person be your wife. And its just not about struggles. When you tell her that, you want to be a better person for her and for her happiness, you will see how she melts away.

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