Turn walking into exercise

7 Proven Ways to turn Walking Into Exercise in 2020

Parents to a new born or a toddler walk all the time. Its like they understand that walking is a part of raising up kids and almost all the small or big chores involve some amount of walking.

For instance one goes to the park with a sleeping baby, when babies cry you try and assuage him by walking and swinging, putting babies to sleep by walking, the scenarios are endless.

Some parents also believe that walking amounts to some calorie burn and that way may be they can stay fit and not gain weight.

Can walking and weight loss happen together? Can walking after dinner cause weight loss? Does walking reduce belly fat? How many kilometers to walk to lose weight?

Lets us give you the math. When a normal grown up adult walks for an hour, they burn in the vicinity of 400 to 500 calories in an hour. That isn’t bad considering parents barely get time out of their hectic life with a baby.

But the real magic comes when you improvise the walking with some ad dons and make it more strenuous for the rest of the muscles in your body. Let us lay it out for you:

Brisk walk:

As the name suggest, this is just like walking but at an increased speed. this forms the first exercise as you start to amp things up from normal walking.

A study defines brisk walk as 100 steps per minute for adults and will have your heart racing in under a minute. If you vary your terrain that is include some uphill movements, this will further increase the calorie burn rate.

You can also switch the speed up and down by keeping 1 min brisk followed by 30 seconds of normal as you start with your regime.

Another add on is to tuck your stomach in while walking and hold it there for as long you can. this will indulge more muscles which will increase the intensity of your workout.

Brisk walk posture
Brisk walk posture

Lunge Walk :

This can be best performed in a park or where there is some space in and around your house. Take a big step forward with your preferred leg, bend your knee so that your thighs are parallel to the ground, straighten up to stand and bring the other leg forward going through the same motion.

Continue in this way, taking giant steps and bending and straightening your front leg. One can set the number of sets a per their fitness level, but try and do at least 3 sets of 10 reps for each leg.

walk lunge
Walk lunge

High Knees/butt kicks:

Resume normal walk but instead of normal strides, lift your knees as high as you can to your chest with each step. Key thing here is to keep your spine straight and your abdominals tight.

Do this for atleast 30 seconds and then start with butt kicks where you kick you heals to your butt. This can be done through walking or jogging.

After 30 seconds revert back to the high knees movement and try and do 3 sets of each without stopping.

Butt kicks
Butt Kick
High Knees
High Knees

Sideways walk :

On a normal flat surface, turn your body sideways to the path start by walking sideways with scissoring your feet in a criss cross motion.

Once you get comfortable with the motion you can turn things up into a jog. After every 30 seconds, you can turn sides.

Sideways jog
Sideways jog

Walk with weights:

If you incorporate some weights in your walk or jog, you directly switch up the intensity of your workout.

For instance, Using 5 lbs free weights during your walk will help tone your arms and burn more calories.

However, be sure that you are holding/lifting the weights with proper form to avoid excessive soreness or injury.

You can also utilize sand bags which come in all sizes around your ankles, which adds variation to the walk and you also do not need to carry weight in your hands.

Walking with weights
Walking with weights

Crab walk :

Begin by sitting on the floor, face up and leaning on you arms placed under your shoulder. Then engage your core, arms and legs to lift up your hip area by about 7 inches.

Crab walk
crab walk

From here on imagine a crab walking as you lift your left hand and right foot to replicate a walking movement back wards or forwards. This can be a good full body workout engaging your glutes, arms, core and thighs.

Average speed of Walking

Adults walk at an average speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour, which equates roughly to 1 mile every 15 to 20 minutes. 

Below is the average speed of adults according to age:

AgeMiles per hour
30–393 – 3.2
50–592.9 – 3.2
60–692.8 – 3.0

Bonus tip: While you’re walking, pause every once in a while to do a standing abdominal crunch. Contract the abs, then slowly bend the left leg and raise it to chest level.

Bend the arms at the elbow as well. As you do this, simultaneously twist the torso and the arms to the right. Repeat the same process on the opposite leg. Do this for about one minute.

One should always exercise progressive overloading and maintain the consistency. Any stop start pattern that we normally get stuck with doe snot produce results as the body only produce results when its constantly put under pressure.

In the routine you set up, you also need to slot in rest days for the body to recuperate. Its when the body analyses the effects on the training and take countermeasures that trigger necessary adaptations.

To conclude, always observe that are you able to build up some sweat through the exercise that you are doing. That will give you a good measure of how effective the walking along with the add ons has been.

If you do not feel the sweat you can always increase the sets and the reps.

Happy Walking 🙂

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