The Rock Johnson with his daughter

Skin to skin bonding by the Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is extremely popular on Instagram and keep posting his personal life aspects on the platform, recently posted an adorable moment with his new born baby.

The highlight, as you can see below is the skin to skin bonding with the new born which is often the thing for mothers. But its high time fathers come to recognize the importance of bonding in such way and what better way then celebs leading the way.

Now, we’re pretty sure most fathers have the idea that they should at least be there for the family and the kids, but going skin-to-skin with the new born and infants have proven to be a way to bond with a child, and not in relation to the mother (though that is whole other level – skin-on-skin with the mother regulates the child’s temperature, it’s all quite spooky).

Infact a study in 2016 highlighted that many of our bodily processes are run by and impacted by our hormones.

In other words, when father’s spends skin to skin time with his newborn, hormonal changes occur including a rise in dopamine which is responsible for many things including pleasure.

A rise in dopamine plus the release of oxytocin means dad’s brain creates a positive association with close interaction with baby. It seems that skin to skin with dad can help dad’s natural parenting instincts to kick in.

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