MS Dhoni With Ziva

MS Dhoni talks about his daughter Ziva!

When he first broke on the scene, he was termed as “Unorthodox”. Be it his batting style, the shoulder-length hair or the helicopter shot, nothing about him was regular. In an exemplary way, he never followed the beaten path, carving out his own niche as captain.

As a captain, we see a true sense of his character which is solid and imaginative ( a tough combination to find), as he places deep faith in his instinct and cricketing know how to take unconventional calls. Most of all, he is level-headed and imperturbable under pressure, a task at which men greater than him have failed. His record as India’s most successful captain speaks for itself.

Off the filed he is nothing short of an alpha male who loves to ride fast bikes and feel the air blowing away his hair, much like a mythical superhero.

But then Fatherhood happens. Suddenly, the Alpha male who normally is too busy hitting the ball out of the stadium and doing 100km/hr on his bikes, is seen carrying diaper bags and baby food without a spec of hesitation or remorse. In his own words he states:

“I don’t know whether it has changed me as a cricketer, as a person yes of course because daughters are very close to their fathers,” On being asked about embracing fatherhood, Dhoni states:

“Your life does change with the kind of smile the baby gives you She doesn’t care whether I play for my country or play for a good franchisee like Chennai. She wants to cry, she cries. It gives a very good feeling.”

What’s worth highlighting is once an extremely private person, now almost shows all his fatherhood aspects on social media without a hint of reluctance.

His Instagram is full of videos with his daughter where he is seen doing a dance number with his daughter or acting like a bunny, basically anything that amuses his little one.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni and daughter Ziva

MS Dhoni has discovered a deeper feminine side as he bonds with daughter Ziva whenever he is off the field and talks freely about baby food and pangs of being a father to his little one.

A man who is otherwise obsessed with armed forces and who never shies away to show his solidarity towards them, reveals a deeper level of his personality, much to the likeness of his fans.

In an earlier interview, Dhoni talks about fatherhood and states that:

“it is a very different feeling, and I actually find it very difficult to put it in words.” it is more of an emotion. And I feel I have not really missed a lot of things in life,  but after a while when am outside I miss Ziva a lot.”

You can see below how the father daughter bonds over pretty much anything:

We are all aware of the special father-daughter relation. A daughter is her dad’s favourite always and MS Dhoni and his daughter Ziva are certainly each other’s favourite partners in fun!

Ziva Dhoni

Ziva Dhoni was born in 2015 and is 5 years in 2020. She is actively showing off various skill son Instagram posted by her doting dad MS Dhoni.

From Cheerleading , to guitar playing to even singing Malyalam songs on Instagram, Ziva Dhoni seems to have a new talent every day.

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