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Mother’s Day for the Single Dad

We often here single dads finding themselves in a situation where the kids of all ages ask them about mother’s day and how they can celebrate the same. But like tackling all the other things, this one eventually will help dads connect with their kids on a deeper level regardless of their age.

Primarily, its vital to remember that mother’day is all about making your children feel loved in a special way and in that sense also loving their mother because she was instrumental in bringing your kids to life for you to cherish. This also stresses the fact that even though their mother and dad are no longer together, they still love each other. This will also highlight the fact about self less love and that not all marriages end up in separation and they should always have hope.

Now, one can include in various home projects like putting together a collage of special moments where they all bonded as family and in which the mother is central to them. More ideas can include a custom mother’s day coffee mug and also taking her out shopping with the kids to select her favorite dress. The ideas are limitless.

As a single dad, you will lead by example where you demonstrate that as co-parents you can still get along as family and be there for each other. These learnings go a long way in setting up the right foundation for the kids. Also along the way explain your choices and action to the kids if you think something might confuse them and express to them why you did a particular thing and why was it important. Children should understand the logic and the feelings behind them, so when they grow up, they understand scenarios and situations better.

Remember, when it comes to celebrating holidays, we have to continually remind ourselves of what is best for our children. A happy family can still be a family where Mom and Dad are no longer together but still love and respect each other. We must always ensure that we are setting the right message of balance, love and respect in the new family environment.

To all the single dads out there, Happy Mother’s day. Keep doing your thing

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