Father son and grandson at the grill

Father son and grandson at the grill

How to make Father’s Day Memorable?

“It’s only when you grow up and step back from him — or leave him for your own home — it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. ” – Margaret Truman

One of the special days which never felt special for the longest time was Father’s Day. Blame it on the other special days popping up every year or the media behaving like it always does, Father’s day went under the radar for the longest time. It’s until recently we have witnessed an upswing in attention over making Father’s day special for your old man.

Before you know, the day will be around the horizon and you will scramble to find something worthy to make his day special. As per the popular belief of finding and buying something expensive, we tend to go the other rout on keeping things simple and lovable.

We have listed 4 unconventional activities to make Father’s day special for your old man:

Share old stories: You can either write them down or talk to him in person, but bringing back old stories and anecdotes always brings forth deeper bonding. Pick up a story when how the two of you teamed together or spent good quality time together and where you wish the moment just elongates it self. Its always a great idea to reminiscing and talk your heat out and also allow your dad to do the same.

Grandkids: Grandparents share a special bond with their grandkids for some reason and the same is evident in abundance across every household. Then why not have grand kids do something special for their grandfather on this special day. This could be a special scrapbook capturing all the nice and funny moments or a custom video which talks about his life. Basically anything that makes him remember and cherish the moments.

Browse Old pictures : Nothing invokes good and interesting memories like visiting old pictures. Pick up the old quaint picture album, sit by the fireplace or anywhere he likes to hang out and browse those old memories and listen to him and what he says.

His Favorite place: On the special day, make it more special by taking him to his favorite place, the one he has been wanting to go for the longest time. This could be to watch his favorite team play live or could be a visit to a specific tourist destination. So any place he is really looking forward to visit can work here.

For some special Father’s day gift ideas, visit here

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