Kit Harington gets excited about being a father.

Game of Thrones has ended but that does not mean Jon Snow AKA Kit Harington is off duty. He has an even bigger task in front of him.

He said in an interview that that the most important job not that GOT is wrapped up is to be a father.

The 32-year-old met co-star Rose Leslie, who played the role of onscreen love interest Ygritte, on the Game of Thrones set back in 2012.

According to Harington, the couple fell for each other while filming in Iceland, “The country is beautiful because the Northern Lights are magical and because it was there that I fell in love.

Kit Harington With Rosie
Kit Harrington with wife

Jon and Ygritte didn’t exactly get a happy ending together in the world of the show , but their real life romance appears to be going far more smoothly. However, Harington isn’t sure whether they’ll ever appear on-screen together after Game of Thrones.

“I think almost the worst thing about falling in love with Rose and marrying her is that it’s going to be very hard to work with her again,” he said.

“Working opposite her was one of the highlights of my life and career. I don’t know when, if ever, I’m going to get to do that again, because we’re married now, and it’s hard to work opposite your wife.”

The actor also opened up about how the last decade being involved in the show has change his life and gave him precious time and people ot hold on to. He states

“It gave me my future family and my life from here on in,” “That’s the main thing it did for me, and it’s changed it completely.”

“The last 10 years, you could not ask for a better job to have in your 20s, to take you through your 20s than to be an actor in Game of Thrones. It’s been the most amazing thing. It’s changed it completely.”

After being a part of the fantasy drama GOT for over a decade, Kit Harington has now joined Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of superhero group The Eternals.

Interestingly, he will join his GOT co-star Richard Madden (who played Robb Stark) for The Eternals. Apart from Kit, Angelina Jolie will also star in the superhero film.

We wish him good luck for the future.

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