James Breakwell exploding unicorn

James Breakwell : Riding the Exploding Unicorn in a girl fiefdom

It almost sounds like a fairy tale from a far far away land. A kingdom with four girls where they rule with absolute authority and their doting father amuses them with witty chatter all day long.

Little do the girls know that these humorous snippets which form their daily banter and interaction has spread across to the other parts of the world, making their kingdom well known and famous.

Meet James Breakwell, doting father to his four daughters and internet celebrity. With almost 2 million followers across social media, James is well known for his quirky chats that he shares on James Breakwell twitter along with other humorous anecdotes related to his fatherhood.

We had a chance to grab some insights on James life and what he thinks about his daughters and his profession as a comedy writer. Read on

So I will jump right in and ask….. what is the story behind keeping pigs?

I’ve always loved pigs, but my wife forbid me from spending money on one. That was the loophole. I found a pig breeder who agreed to give me one for free if I could get likes for her business on Facebook. I asked the good people of the internet for help, and they banded together to help endanger my marriage. A week later, I had my first pig.

James and kids with their pet pig

Talking about your four daughters, (Betsy, Mae, Lucy, Waffle) and describe one special thing about each of them ?

Betsy, 8, is the leader. She always finishes her food, no matter how badly I burn it. She’s smart enough to be dangerous, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, she’ll be too distracted by YouTube to overthrow me.

Mae is 6 going on 13. She has an attitude and big plans for life. She’s already run through a series of boyfriends, despite my strict rule that there’s no dating before she’s 30.

Lucy, 4, loves dinosaurs and Power Rangers. She wants to combine those two interests into being an alien-fighting dinosaur scientist. I wish her the best of luck.

Waffle, 3, is destruction incarnate. She is not to be trifled with.

The girls Betsy, Mae, Lucy and Waffle

Describe their tantrums and how do you handle it?

My youngest ones still throw themselves on the ground and scream. The older ones just huff a lot. I think I prefer the screaming. I handle it all by ignoring it if I can and banishing the offending child to another part of the house if I can’t. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

What is the biggest parenting mess up you have had?

One time, Lucy and Waffle opened marker chalk, which is basically just a canister of powdered chalk dust, dumped it on the carpet, and poured a jug full of bubbles on top of it.

It looked like a clown exploded. My wife was less than pleased. We had to replace all the carpet.

How do you make time for writing comedy and handling social media?

They’re one in the same. Social media is just shorter story telling. If something happens and I can get the point across quickly, it’s a tweet. If it’s more elaborate, it’s a weekly email.

And if it’s really important, it becomes a book. Okay, nothing that happens to me is that important, but some stuff can be stretched out for twelve chapters anyway. It’s all about the filler words

What do you think about father daughter bonding and since you are blessed with four, would love your thoughts?

I would die for my daughters. At the same time, they’re the ones who are the most likely to kill me. Raising daughters is a mixture of love and fear, I guess.

Talking about work, what are some of the upcoming projects you are working on?

I’m under contract for four books in the coming years. The next one is How to Save Your Child from Ostrich Attacks, Accidental Time Travel, and Anything Else that Might Happen on an Average Tuesday. It comes out November 5th.

At a book launch

Has anything changed after you have become famous?

Surprisingly little has changed since I went viral on the internet. It’s easier for me to get free pigs, but other than that, I’m just as unknown in real life as I ever was. Sometimes it’s good to fade into the background. It’s my superpower.

For someone who is a celebrity on social media, what is your take on Social media for your girls as they grow up?

Two rules: 1) Don’t get murdered. 2) Don’t watch kids on YouTube play with toys you already own. I’m not very good at enforcing either one.

What are your Wife’s thoughts on your work and content? Does she buy into the humour?

My wife laughs at my written jokes every once in a while. I’m better at getting her to laugh in real life. Usually alcohol is involved.

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  1. You nailed it. I’ve been a fan almost from the beginning and that’s exactly how I see his daughters (I adore them)…& look forward to James post everyday.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please keep visiting 🙂

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