how to put a toddler to sleep fast

How to put a toddler to sleep fast : 31 dads share their secret

The vitality of adequate toddler sleep or child sleep cannot be overemphasized. Like any human being, sleep plays a critical role in over all development of the toddler and also assures optimized motor functions. In totality , we should aim for 11 hours of sleep in a span of 24 hours.

That being said, putting toddler to sleep is in itself a challenge and one that can really leave lot of parents frustrated.

We asked a bunch of dads across the globe on how do they put their toddler to sleep fast and got an overwhelming response. Here is the selection of the best ones:

How to put a toddler to sleep fast

Nathan Mackenzie states this is how he puts his kid to sleep “I play with my lil guy for 20-30 minutes. Then I tuck him into bed and then I sit on a chair outside his bedroom door and he falls asleep in 15-20 minutes. But he only stays asleep for 3 to 4 hrs at a time so far. 🙃 not sure what else to do to get him to sleep longer. By the time he wakes up my wife and I are asleep and he climbs into our bed.

Justin Cohen tell us that to put his toddler to sleep fast ” I put her in bed, and tell her to goto sleep. Sometimes she argues a bit, I just keep taking away shit until she STFU and goes to sleep.. it works. need to be willful, and cunning, and they have to know you WILL take shit away. I make sure she always goes to bed with stuffies or shit she wants, maybe it’s the light on a bit, or a favorite blanket. I’m at the point now where I just say “Goto bed or i’m taking away X” — and she goes down. “


Cris Michael tells us “I have my child in a routine. Bath, diaper etc, read a book, cut lights off, rock while we say our prayers – Boom 5 mins after amen he wants to be laid in bed with his blanket. I give all credit to that super soft fuzzy blanket!”

Damon Walker states here is how he puts his toddler to sleep “4 knuckles to the temple! Lol A car ride does it for most kids; not mine. Mine responded well to bouncing. I sat on a big exercise ball while holding her and gently bounced up and down.. worked like a charm every time. It also helps if whichever effort you undertake directly follows a good meal (nursing) and bath.”

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Paul Brooker tell us “Routine buddy. My son has a bath then it’s me and him time for a cuddle and milk and about half an hour later he is asleep on me. I take him upstairs put him in his cot and that’s him till about 7am”

Matthew Kelly states “ We have a routine set, shower quiet reading time then cuddles, we have had issues with staying asleep. So we also use Melatonin to reset sleep as my youngest was waking multiple times a night. Once you get the sleep pattern working reduce or stop melatonin”

James Drew tell us how he puts his toddlers to sleep “I have 3 boys and all i do is put them to bed say goodnight and thats that! No tv , no electronics , no getting up a bunch times , they know its bedtime and they had there time to do all there messing around before hand. Your the parent they are the children. Same as the morning , its time to get up n get ready for school no electronics or any messing around till there ready period. If you teach them structure and to be responsible u wont have any issues. My boys are 16 , 13 and 10 now and we have no problems and they get plenty sleep”

Brandon Benstead tell us the secret of putting his kids to sleep “of course when they were infant’s if it was nap time we always laid them in their crib. and then at one point. 6 months, we started laying them in their own cribs at bed time after feeding and they screamed, for about an hour sometimes would be in and out of sleep and scream a little bit and back to sleep. not an easy process but one I found super effective for future sleeping habits. also always and I literally mean always had a radio playing music in their room so they got used to a bit of noise and now our very heavy sleepers. can move both my children when they are sleeping and they are just like little boulders that’s how stone cold they are out lmao”

Andrew Ackroyd tell us “Never had an issue really, in the early days when they’d keep getting up we would literally just pick them up and put them back to bed without speaking to them, and as they got older they would have devices or toys taken away as punishment for messing around at bedtime. My 8yr old goes at 7.30 and is asleep within 20 mins, then my boys (12 +13) go up 8.00 and 8.30 and are usually asleep by about 9.30 as they share a room.”

David Scott tell us on how he put his kid to sleep fast “I lay them in their beds and cover them with a blanket.Joke aside, we started with swaddling. Then, we did tummy time every day (they loved it). And we started giving them naps without their swaddles, so we were able to eventually put them to bed without swaddles, on their chests. As they grew older, we introduced pillows and blankets.Hard part was transitioning to toddler beds from cribs”


Quinn Falcone states that “Maintain strick bedtime schedules. They may not like it at first, and they may toss and turn and sing to themselves and call you in a half dozen times, but eventually once routine is established they’ll be tired and go down easier. Also really make sure to turn off all electronics and screens a half hour before. Routine routine routine . Children thrive on it and require it.”

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Eddie Smigelski tell us “I can tell when she’s ready. She’s 3. I take her tablet away, give her a cup of milk and a blanket and let her crash on the couch. I’ll put her to bed after. Avoids a lot of screaming and crying of forcing her to bed “even tho I do that at times” it’s just finding what works for u and this works for me. I’m watching tv now and she is knocked out and when I’m ready for bed I’ll carry her to her bed lol”

Rob Bates tell us “Activities then shows, go up an hour before you want them to sleep, then read like ten books, then sing calming songs(a lot of beetles because they’re usually all I can remember) continue to sing till asleep. Melatonin or hylands calming tablets help too.”

Justin McCarthy tell us “I find gently stroking the Bridge of their nose from the top to the tip with my index finger works. Both my babies love falling asleep this way, or tummy tickles but they cringe sometimes because its ticklish😂😂”

Rich Kilchrist tell us When they where tiny babies I would place them on my chest/stomach where it would get warm. Then they would burp/fart and pass out”

Tony Chambers states how he puts his kids to sleep fast “Alexa has been a dream. We give them two times. “Do you want to stay up for 12 or 16 more minutes?”. They usually choose the longer one. Then we say, “go tell Alexa.” And they go and say, “Alexa set my bedtime timer for 16 minutes”. Then Alexa agrees and then tells them when the timer is over and it’s time for bed

Putting toddlers to sleep
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Matt Johnson tell us “None really. We sleep trained her when she was 6 months old. We have a routine each night that I’m militaristic at sticking with. The wife slacks on it a lot however. Also melatonin on weeknights. She sleeps through the night the past 5 years”

Phillip Humphries tell us “My son sleeps like a rock and usually goes right to sleep. Probably because we tire him out. My daughter whom is 12 is more difficult…2 year old won’t sleep unless she is in the same room with my wife or myself”

Austin Van Horn states “For me it’s all about routine,have all girls and when it’s time we pick out a story for each of them,I read in my best character voices and then give them equal time for tickling(scratching)as they fall asleep.make bedtime fun for them and it’s have to stick to a solid routine though to make it work.”

Dmitri Novikov tell us “Be Smart…) Just let her sit as much as she wants and at the same time letting her know, that she would have to wake up at 8:00 following morning coz she has to go to the kindergarten…)
After 2-nd day had no issues with that…))”

Michael Ellis tell us “Talk about how important it is to have plenty of rest and name off what all we’re doing tomorrow and she usually takes the bait. After that I ask her what kind of dreams her sleep buddies (stuffed animals and her marvel action figures lol) are going to have and then sing her lullaby. 3 yr old daughter”

Wayne Squire tell us ” II I hold my youngest and dance in a circle one way then back the other way. Middle watches cartoons or some of a movie then brush teeth pee and bed. Oldest the same as middle”

David Vincil tell us “I let them watch WWE and then they play “wrestlin” in which they beat the shit out of each other and completely exhaust themselves. True story, when I gave them a bath they were literally crying to go to bed at 8:30. It was lights out and no ones home within minutes of them getting in bed. Highly recommend”

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Mark Luksic states “When they were younger it was tickling, stories, singing songs and pretending to walk into walls and doors to get them to laugh and loosen up. Boy those were easy days. Now they’re teens and I go to bed before them”

Larry Osborne tell us “I honestly just sit in the room with him and talk peacefully with the lights off, Ten minutes or so he’s yawning and ready to sleep on his own And I find it pretty amusing as well as insightful”

Roland Garceau states “I give my son foot massages every night since he is a baby. Never takes more then 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. It’s good for him, it’s good for me, it’s like meditation”

Adam Roberts teaches us how to put kids to sleep “The first few minutes when they wake up, meet you after school and before sleep are prob the most important moments you have. My son (6) is full speed and has a highly active mind, was struggling to get off. He now loves a nice quiet chat about anything and everything; after it’s his actual time to start sleeping I tell him how proud I am give him a cuddle and tell him he is loved beyond measure… he always drifts off peacefully now!”


Jon Evans tell us “A bath gets there body to relax so always bath at night and a fathers love is a fathers love nothing in the world can work better then a true fathers true love it’s never failed me not once”

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