Sex in car

How to have sex in car in 2021!

mmm…oh yeaa! The first thought that flashes across your eyes, every time you think of sex in car. It probably brings back those high school or college years when it was the thing to do. Or was it that intrigue of sneaking out and doing something taboo.

But fast forward, life has changed and you have kids and a wife. With the current scenario of everyone being home due to Covid -19, all of sudden your decent size home has been shrinking by the day. As a result, you and your wife has not had a decent good ole session of fornication.

And with everyone lacking physical exertion the energy is brimming and needs to be channelized. So why not spend some ounce of that doing something that is memorable and nostalgic at the same time.

So circling back, sex in car takes the level of intimacy to a new level. The whole concoction of thrill, urgency, doing it outside your regular place, in semi public view or even in a secluded place brings all together different emotions to the forth.

So without further adieu, lets hear it here are the best practices to have sex in car compiled from generations having sex in car and carrying forward the wisdom:

Drive away or garage is fine too: So the basics first. You can either drive to a secluded place get busy or can also try doing the same in your garage (Depending upon the level of thrill you seek). Places like empty parking lots, under construction sites in the evening or even a camp site, can work for you depending upon your taste. The idea is to avoid unwanted attention once your car starts humming to your beat.

Backseat basics : Quick trivia! You know why foldable car seats were invented? So that people can have sex in them ( sort of true). So the moment you are ready, pop them back seats down and create some real estate for you and your wife.

Spooning ( Source:
Spooning (Source :

Spooning is always a good option here as it caters to the idea of folding yourself into your partner, considering the real estate. Spooning remains a classic go-to sex move because not only is it comfy, it also gets the job done.

Appreciate the gadgets : Stay mindful of the fact that you are in the car and not your bedroom. Which means leveraging the gadgets in and around you as that is what makes sex great in the car. Leveraging props like the seat belt to add some stimulus is always a great idea.

Sex in car
Bondage in car (source

Let it be your idea of a bondage in the backseat where you wrap your hands or your partners in the seat belt and get on with it. This also includes popping open the sun roof to have some fresh air add another element to your experience.

Give a helping hand : Well as the name applies, sometimes if you are in the mood, add a twist by giving each other hand rather then penetration. You can try facing each other, so the whole vibe gets multiplied between you two. You can do your own or also work on each others spot and see where things go.

Couple masturbation while sex in car
Couple masturbation (source

Front seat maneuvers : We will skip the basic girl on top facing you here. Lets add a twist here. Instead have your women, face away as you sit on the driving seat. Also called the reverse cow girl in some corners, have her ride you and you can grab her from behind and time her humping.

There is ton of merchandise to grab here. From the boobs to her hips to even some hair. All this can be used to add rhythm to the movement and give her some added pleasure. You can also use your fingers on the G spot to work her up.

Doggy it away : We all love doggy. Men and women alike for their own reasons. How about doing it doggy style in the car. One way to do it in the car is to use the space between the two front seats and put your women there with her ass facing you. this also comes extra handy if you are a a 6 ft and above.

Doggy Style
Doggy Style (source

Apart from deeper penetration working wonders, this will also give the air of control and excitement for the guys.

Classic 69 : You all know how the 69 works and this one is for the back seat. Let the licking, sucking, and nibbles (if that’s your thing) ensue and feel free to incorporate your hands too. So Go slow, go fast, go in circles, go in long strokes, change up the pressure and suction try and create a unique experience every time.

69 in car
69 in car (source

Toy it up : Another way to spice it up is calling in your buddy. In this case a sex toy. You can introduce a rabbit-style vibrator which is a great way for your woman to achieve orgasm as it provides external clitoral stimulation along with internal vibrations.

A good old dildo is all time favorite for women. In fact, sex toy shoppers from all over the world still can’t get enough of the dildo, which unlike a vibrator does not actually vibrate or have a motor and instead is operated by hand.

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