5 Easy Ways to fight Dad / Man Boobs or moobs in 2021! (With Videos)

Ok, so back in college you were not Mr Bruce Lee or someone that was ripped to the core with pure muscle and less then 10 percent of Body fat.

Lets just say you were average built towards the leaner side and without any quirks of having problem area. Fast forward, you get married and then you have kids.

This combined with increase in responsibilities and depleting time to workout or watch your diet. Next think you know, you are suffering from what the industry calls Man Boobs.

To fight or reduce man boobs, increasingly dads or males in their mid forties are moving towards surgeries as quick fix solution. Male breast reduction procedures rose by 32 percent from 2000 to 2017 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

But all in not lost and there are certain workouts which can help you reduce and fight off the dad boobs you have been suffering from.

Ofcourse, diet plays a vital role, but here we are listing some quick exercises that are not gym dependent or requires minimal equipment, and straightway torches the overall body fat, which helps in the man boob reduction.

How to lose man boobs?

Pushup Burpee : Its difficult to list any other exercise as demanding as the Burpees. It basically does not leave any muscle untouched.

Consider the combinations here that make up for a Burpee as it requires a squat, a jump, a push-up, another jump, a squat, and yet another explosive jump. Combined this with repetitions of say 20, you have an explosive Cardio workout with equally demanding full body involvement.

PushUp Burpee
PushUp Burpee

Bench Press: This is the grand daddy of power plus muscle building exercise. And as a bonus just happens to hit the chest area which we want to shape up the most.

This is arguably the most comprehensive exercise as large heavy movements also help to raise testosterone levels in addition to building muscles for the chest area. This can either be done with barbell or a dumbbell if you happen to go tot gym or have a basic home gym.

If not, then you can position yourself for the same, with a moderately heavy piece of table or some furniture that is easy to grab and balance. For starters 3 set of 10 to 15 reps is good to get you in the form.

Bench Press
Bench Press

Push ups: One of the oldest exercise used by ancient wrestlers and gladiators as they worked themselves up to strength. You can try as many reps as you want as it is safe to do and also add variations by changing the hand positions from wide to shoulder width to narrow, which enables activation of different muscles areas of the chest.

Another variation is to elevate the feet as described in the picture below. This enables more focus on the upper part of the chest. So one can mix it up to assure the full coverage of the chest area.

Get ready to feel sore and feel the pump once you include the above in your workout routine as you work your way up to more sets and reps.

Push Ups
Push Ups

In addition, their are certain lifestyle changes which do wonders in reducing over all fat pockets especially around problem areas like the chest or the hips.

1.Cutting out Alcohol

Its an established fact that alcohol is rich in calories with next to nothing in terms of nutrition. So limit alcohol to once a week and that too in moderation. For instance 2-3 pints should be fine once a week with healthy eating all across the week days and weekends.

At the end of the day, the overall calorie count should be balanced out. You can indulge in your favorite food as well as long as the balance is maintained over a week.

2. Body Needs fuel

There is a tendency to starve your body in hopes of fat loss as you start believing that magically it will happen. When you critically reduce the food intake, your body goes into hibernation which is a natural mechanism as the body thinks there is a severe shortage of food and it tries to retain as much as possible for longer survival.

Think of it like your phone battery when you put it on ultimate battery saver, where only the very basic functions work and everything else is non functional. But in real life you need to step out and do your daily chores, so eat like a human and a man.

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