How can i become a good father

13 Proven Ways On Being A Good Dad in 2021!

How to be great dad?

This question races across our mind when we become fathers. The quest to become a great dad or a good father has motivated and inspired lot of fathers out there.

One does not realize this before being a Father. Once that shift happens and you hold the baby in your hand, that is the inception of this new feeling which was never felt before. Then gradually as the infant grows into a toddler and starts occupying the space around your house, he/she will also start occupying the space in your hear and mind.

And every time you look at their face and they smile back , you will feel the joy in your heart and will thank god for this experience. No wonder they say that little kids are God’s version in your life.

Its God’s or natures way of teaching us several things. Fatherhood, humility, responsibility, selflessness and family feeling are some of those teachings that you start understanding once you enter this phase. You would start believing in God more

And as you spend more time with them, you would wish that you can hold on to so many moments, that just whiz past you. You certainly would wish that several years from now you can transcend time and re live the moments you cherished when they were little.

Being a good dad is not a walk in the park. Every day is not bright and sunny. There are rainy days and stormy seasons. It’s all part of being a great dad.

How to be good dad ?

Here are some tips to help you become great at fatherhood:

Focus on the lesson

It’s amazing how we typically find something when we are looking for it. The same happens in our storms. When you are looking for a life lesson that a storm can teach you, you’ll be able to find one and come out of the storm better.

Accept responsibility

Some storms come from no fault of our own, while others have our fingerprints all over them. Regardless of how the storm came about, you have a choice—to accept responsibility for what you can control. This will help you come out of the storm with a clear heart and mind, and it will encourage others who were in the storm with you or watched you go through it

Keep your cool

Getting upset will not help. In fact, it will probably cause you to lose focus and not accept proper responsibility. But when you keep your cool and choose to respond rather than react, you give yourself a chance to come out of the storm a better person.

Know there’s a greater purpose

While in the midst of a storm, it can be hard to see any good that may come from it. But there is more to it. The Bible says, “All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). It’s comforting to know that even our storms play into God’s overall purpose for our lives.

Stand by mom

Don’t contradict their mother in front of them, don’t fight with her in front of them, and most definitely don’t ever abuse her. How you treat their mother affects their self-esteem, and the way they will treat themselves and women when they grow up. Be kind and respectful and loving of their mother. And always work as a team — never contradicting statements of the other.

Teach them self-esteem

Maybe this should be No. 1. Well, these aren’t in any order, but this is one of the most important points. There is nothing you can do that is better than giving them high self-esteem. How do you do this?

A million ways, but mainly by showing them (not telling them) that you value them, by spending time with them, by talking and listening to them, by praising things they do, by teaching them (not telling them) how to be competent. Praise and encourage, don’t reprimand and discourage.

Teach them about finances.

This is a point often missed in articles about dadhood. You might not need to teach your 1-year-old about index funds or portfolio diversity, but from an early age, you can teach them the value of money, how to save money to reach a goal, and later, how earn money and how to manage money properly. You don’t want your child to go into the world knowing as little as you did, do you?

Be good to yourself

You shouldn’t give up your entire life when you become a dad. You need to take care of yourself, give yourself some alone time, and some time with your buddies, in order to be a great dad when you’re with your kids.

Also take care of your health — eat healthy, exercise — because 1) you can’t take care of your kids if you’re not well 2) you are teaching your kids how to be healthy for life, and 3) you want to enjoy those grand kids someday.

You would just pray to God that as your son or daughter grows up, at every stage of life, you a re there to guide them, guard them and enable them to be successful in life.

You teach them the golden rules of living a happy life, give them good sense to prioritize the real important and meaningful things and how to separate them self from all the frivolous distractions and temptations that come at every step of life.

And if you get real lucky, you will see them successful one day based on their choices and may be you will also be given a chance to rejoice in their success.

Happy Fatherhood 🙂

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