For the love of a daughter!

“For, its the love of a daughter, that fuels me today tomorrow and for the rest of my life”

Becoming a dad is one of the greatest experiences and the journey that males can undergo. Over the last few weeks, i have been reminiscing the moments post my little girl arrived in my life, about 3 years ago.

How little she was when they bought her out of the OT and look at her now as she has become confluence of million things both explained and unexplained.

Life before her was simple. Lot of time for myself and freedom to act on impulses without a thought. This could be traveling , going to movies, night out with mates etc etc. But something was always missing. I was not whole.

For the love of a daughter

But that changed the day my daughter arrived. She was a gift to me a key that unlocked perspective and wisdom that I desperately needed if I was ever to become who I was meant to be. In fact, I believe it was downloaded into me the instant she wrapped her little hand around my finger. It was a definitely a paradigm shift for me and in retrospect may be for the better.

Not only that, my bucket list of things to do in the next foreseeable future went for a toss or in some aspect took a way back seat. Its wondrous how things could be so different in a span of one day.

Before her i had planned everything that i want to do . The next day when she arrives, it all went away, like it was never their.

Father daughter love
Father daughter love

“The moment I held her, the center of my heart became hers. And i wanted to be her best friend, her father, her mentor, her protector all at once.”

There has been other impacts as well on my life. For instance I heard about fathers missing out on health and really gaining weight after the child is born. And of course, with the time scheduling going for a toss due to baby erratic habits , the trend is ever so pervasive.

On the contrary, I found my self more disciplined across all aspects. The late night outs went missing , the fast driving became rare, the occasional partying became less, the eating habits became better. For instance, the indulging went to once or twice a week only instead of every other day.

The fraternizing with colleges and friends became a monthly activity instead of a weekly event. I made sure that I get up every morning and do a decent workout and build a sweat which gives this feel good factor all through the day.

They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas. In exchange, he makes a secret promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years, the mistakes she makes or the secrets she keeps. -Anonymous

And sometimes when my daughter woke up and would catch me mid workout or just when I was about to finish, She would ask me to what I was doing. And I would proudly say that I was exercising to stay fit and strong And very soon she will be joining me every morning to build those muscles and get strong as papa.

Subconsciously, may be as a dad you are trying to set right examples for the kids to follow. You surround your kids with good practices that they see and nudge them towards the principles and habits of healthy and loving human beings.

Kids, as we get to know gradually are really sharp at picking things and learning from what they see and what they hear. Its like their subconscious catches it without even them trying. And once it gets embedded in their hard drive, as a father you have to move mountains to erase the same.

So the best route which I try here is to only let the best practices or the benchmarks which we follow as a family to be displayed around her. That way, she understands the importance of something at an early age and those lessons are forever.

There will be times when things will go awry and its a tough world out there. But somewhere along I will hope that the goodness and the bravery taught to her at young age will be able to guide her, long after I am gone.

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