Fathers day 2020

7 Father’s Day Date Ideas In 2021 – Global view

A typical fathers day historically involves fathers planning a barbecue event with near and dears, a fishing excursion or simply kicking back with their favorite movie with some ale on the side.

However, with the world in a lock down some of those things have changed and requires to take a different view of things as you spend lot of time with your kids.

Here are some of the ways various countries celebrate father’s day for a different perspective which can bring more joy this father’s day with a wholesome experience :

Father’s day in Germany – Zee Germans

Well nothing to do with “Snatch” here but German for a while had this day nailed. The traditional day would involve hikes in the woods pulling barrel of ale and other refreshments. However that has transformed into a basic pub crawl to get loaded.

Some also prefer mountain biking instead of hiking. This strictly is fathers only activity and kids and wives are ditched.

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Fathers day in Russia

While widely celebrated in Russia, Father’s Day remains an unofficial holiday. Also termed as Defender of the Fatherland Day, the origins are traced to WW1 but over the time it has morphed into an equivalent of womens day.

Notably prominent cites like Moscow celebrate what is called “Fathersfest”, with events that include sports tournaments, dancing, video games. Some of these activities are also conducted in local parks etc.

On this day, women treat men in their life with special affection, be it fathers, husbands or even brothers. Gifts are showered at them which can include colognes, accessories, shoes , premium whiskey or vodka etc.

There is also petition filed to make father’s day a national holiday.

Father’s day in Canada

The Canadians show respect by wearing red rose if their fathers are alive and white roses if their fathers are no more. Father’s day in Canada becomes a festival as the streets are decorated and charity events like marathons and street shows are organised.


The kids make handmade cards for their fathers and buy gifts to make their father feel special.

Family get-togethers are quite common on this day which includes dining out as a family and spending maximum time with your father.

Fathers day in Australia

Father’s day in Australia rolls in in the first Sunday in September unlike countries like US an UK. This Year it will fall on September 6, 2020.

As theory goes, its to give Australians little breather between holidays which fall from May till June end and helps them overcome what is known as holiday fatigue.

Father’s Day being held in September is not only conveniently far away from most Australian holiday events, it also falls in with the start of Spring when it is the right timing to market dad gifts like sporting, camping and fishing items.

Father’s day in Portugal

Fathers day in Portugal was on March 19th, 2020 on St Joseph’s Day. Some of the ways to celebrate fathers day in Portugal is to take a stunning coastal trip with your father, host a delicious meal for him or a jeep safari or a relaxing walk with him on the serene beaches.

Father’s day in Spain

Father´s day in Spain is called ‘el Día del padre’ and is always celebrated on 19th March.

This is a feast day in Spain and is a day to celebrate the life of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. San Juan, in biblical terms, is the greatest example of fatherhood as he was the foster father of Jesus. He is also exemplified as a good husband to the Virgin Mary.

In some parts of Spain this is a public holiday and a long weekend called a puente. Mostly like any other celebrations, families bond over lavish lunch and dinner with fathers and grandfathers and shower them with gifts.

Father’s day in France

Father’s Day in France takes place on the third Sunday of June (21 June, 2020), less than a month after Mother’s Day which is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in May.

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Back in the day Flaminaire sold the first gasoline lighters in 1908. They were luxury items in their day and, since most men smoked, quickly became a traditional gift on Father’s Day, or Fête des Pères as it’s called in France.

In modern day, Fathers often receive gifts in the form of chocolates, books and some handmade art and craft. People give roses too, which are a symbol of Father’s Day in France with red ones given to the living and white ones placed on the graves of the dead .

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