Father and baby quality time

Father And Child Quality Time Explained!

Why is it hard these days to have father and child quality time or Dad and baby time to bond and solidify the relationship? Blame it primarily on the fast paced digital world. Imagine a typical dad in today’s world.

A father gets up early in the morning, gets ready and barely has time to eat breakfast and heads to office in the midst of also doing some chores. He comes back, tired and just wants to go to bed after dinner.

In such a scenario, how would dad and baby spend time or bond together?

Primarily, Quality time is looked upon and thought upon as an adult concept. This conventionally translates into productivity and how to get most out of a given time.

But how do you translate quality time into relations and that too when their is one adult involved and one child.

Fathers conventionally are so caught up in there task and chores that there response to any initiative from a child about quality time goes someting like ..

We know what dads do; maybe we’ve done it ourselves. We tell our children we wish we could spend more time with them. We wish we could sit down and play a game of Monopoly or Ping-Pong. We wish we could take them to the park and push them on the swing. But right now, we can’t. Our schedules are just too tight.

In so many ways fathers need to improvise and make time to create father and child time to show that he cares for them and loves them. It can all be done by doing simple things with the baby.

For instance, if you have to step out to get some groceries and the baby is old enough to walk, it will be a good idea to take the baby with you. While you pick stuff to add to your cart, educate the child with what you buying. Be it various vegetables or fruits or any items.

Such teachings while spending time together goes a long way and creates special bond between a father and baby.

The relation ship and the bond between a dad and baby is quite diferent from the one that the child shares with his mother. A Father can carry the baby on his shoulder as they walk in the park or hang out in the house. Father can carry the child on his back as he becomes a horse and create this fun activity among other.

All such bonding acts can be really fun and will make the baby laugh. This also creates lasting memories as most of these acts are done between father and baby.

Fathers who have a demanding job often feel so guilty about being away almost all day that they feel like they have to give their kids undivided attention every moment they’re not at work.

As science points out, kids actually prefer short bursts of together activity ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in comparison to spend half a day or even a full day together with their parents.

Such time can easily be made by keeping your phone down or turning off the television.

But make sure that those minutes are fully focused on your kid and they are engaged.

As a father you juggle multiple areas in your daily life, And because you try to manage multiple buckets of time allocated to each area, there are cases when you lose the perspective for the other person ( your baby in this case).

For instance, in the rush to manage time or be somewhere for an activity that you planned, you end up yelling “Hurry Up! or “you will be left home if you do not get ready” instead of a love filled conversation or even a greeting. Such transition points convey a lot to the other person so as a father one should be always mindful of whats been perceived by your baby on the other end.

If they see that you are so glad to see them and being with them makes you all happy and excited, that will be leave a lasting impression on them.

It becomes critical to step off the gas and show your baby that you also need to be with them just s they want to be with you.

Just remember, connecting to your child isn’t about checking things off a list. It’s about taking a step back once in a while and appreciating every moment—big or small—that you and your children have together.

Personally, every time I am watching my favorite team play and I jump up with joy as they score, my daughter who happens to be around also starts jumping in excitement with this big grin on her face.

She probably finds it funny seeing her father all excited and hysterical.

Let the bonding begin. 🙂

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