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Sean Hill is a stay at home dad of three kids but still knows how to party, once those kids are in bed. He met his wife while attending art school getting a degree an interior design. Right now the two tried parents are planning to move their family abroad. During the week Sean builds forts, forces his kids to go fishing, hits up Costco, and sometimes get time to write about all of it. You can find him on Instagram (epicdadlife) doing daily stores and on Facebook (Epic Dad Life). Hit up his website and check out his reviews on some great children’s books

Aashish is an arian by sunsign, an architect+mba by education, a real estate corporate by profession and a poet by heart.  Have been lucky to find the love of my life 14 years back in Dhaani s mother. We have been together since then and married for the last 5 years. Dhaani , our daughter entered our lives 2 years back and changed it completely. He is on Instagram @pappablogs

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thelazydad“All I try to do is to raise a cool guy in this crazy world and catch a few laughs along the way.y friends find my ideas quite creative, so I decided to share them to you” Book:, Instagram: thelazydad, Facebook: lazydadd

Sarb Randhawa is a dad of a little girl and works as an IT consultant in an MNC. When he is not working, he loves to read non-fiction and poetry (atleast when his daughter allows him to) and also loves working out and being a fit dad. He makes it his first priority, after work, to allocating time to doing stuff his daughter loves. He can be reached on Instagram @dadwithmooch

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Dipak Rao is a daddy of 1.7 years old baby boy Rishaan and lives in Ahmedabad, India. He work as a Supply Chain and International Business Co-ordinator in  pharmaceutical company. He is habituated to capture as Photography is his love and recently started a new phase as a dad Blogger.
You can reach him at @daddysboy_rishaan

Subir Singh is a father to a super active son. Not getting bogged down by “bigger things in life” these are some of the mantras he lives by: enjoying the little moments, live and let live, non-judgemental, being the exotic chef, sharing the load & playing it cool. Adventure sport gives him the thrill to live life to the fullest. He is a certified Scuba Diver & loves trekking. You can reach him at Instagram @alittlebitofdad and Blog:

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