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Aashish is an arian by sunsign, an architect+mba by education, a real estate corporate by profession and a poet by heart.  Have been lucky to find the love of my life 14 years back in Dhaani s mother. We have been together since then and married for the last 5 years. Dhaani , our daughter entered our lives 2 years back and changed it completely. He is on Instagram @pappablogs

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thelazydad“All I try to do is to raise a cool guy in this crazy world and catch a few laughs along the way.y friends find my ideas quite creative, so I decided to share them to you” Book:, Instagram: thelazydad, Facebook: lazydadd

Sarb Randhawa is a dad of a little girl and works as an IT consultant in an MNC. When he is not working, he loves to read non-fiction and poetry (atleast when his daughter allows him to) and also loves working out and being a fit dad. He makes it his first priority, after work, to allocating time to doing stuff his daughter loves. He can be reached on Instagram @dadwithmooch

Being a dad

Dipak Rao is a daddy of 1.7 years old baby boy Rishaan and lives in Ahmedabad, India. He work as a Supply Chain and International Business Co-ordinator in  pharmaceutical company. He is habituated to capture as Photography is his love and recently started a new phase as a dad Blogger.
You can reach him at @daddysboy_rishaan

Subir Singh is a father to a super active son. Not getting bogged down by “bigger things in life” these are some of the mantras he lives by: enjoying the little moments, live and let live, non-judgemental, being the exotic chef, sharing the load & playing it cool. Adventure sport gives him the thrill to live life to the fullest. He is a certified Scuba Diver & loves trekking. You can reach him at Instagram @alittlebitofdad and Blog: