Mark Wahlberg redefines dad bod

When Dad Bods first surfaced, there were typically denoting slightly or moderately out of shape dads that scumb to indiscipline and late night cheat meals after marriage or kids.

Contrary to the trend, these days Dad Bods are transforming by celebrities where they get to the best shape of their life after marriage and kids.

For an average dad this shift becomes more intimidating as they try and balance out their work like with Family life and finding no time for workouts.

But the respite to such situations in coming from the most unlikiest of the resources.

Celebrities like Mark have now made their schedule and workout very public, to basically show how much hard work and dedication goes into achieving such amazing bodies. Have a look at how Mark wahlberg workout routine looks like:

Mark Wahlberg daily exercise ( Source : Mark wahlberg Insta)

It is understandable that for someone like Mark, this is much more then vanity. This is their Career we are talking about.

For new dads, the above routine is impractical and bordering insane. New dads are mainly praying to get a decent night’s sleep and something resembling a decent meal.

It could be easy for other dads to look at Wahlberg’s glistening torso and feel discouraged as they look at their increasingly expanding belly and love handles but Wahlberg is giving his followers a behind-the-scenes look to see how the sausage is made and revealing that there is nothing normal about his definition of dad bod.

There are various reasons that can be attributed to Mark’s success , which are beyond just consistent gyming:

  1. Supersets: Mark does a lot of supersets in his workouts. In other words these are just a fancy word for not taking breaks in between sets. He will typically do this where he is performing one exercise that incorporates more than one muscle then follows that up with an exercise that is more isolated.
  2. Mindset: One thing that stands out the more you understand Mark is his mindset.  He is in a league with professional athletes because of the way he uses his mind.  For instance the movie The Fighter was always believed to be a potential failure and it would never be completed. But yet he kept sticking to it no matter what.  That the big difference between him and others.
  3. Precautions: Mark has had injuries in the past to his back so he always takes the necessary steps to make sure he keeps the probabilities high he won’t have them again.  He always stretches good and well before any workouts.

So next time when Dads see themselves in the mirror and notice some flab, they should not be too hard on themselves.

May be in times to come they can get back to bit of a routine around workout and diet, to start getting in shape. The above information can also act like motivation once you decide to get back in the shape.

Mark wahlberg Diet

Mark wahlberg diet plan mainly revolves around :

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Some pasta
  • Whey protein
  • Blueberries, raspberries, bananas, apples

Mark sources 30 percent of his diet from lean protiens while he gets another 40 percent from whole wheat, legumes, fruit and vegetables. The remaining 30% comes from healthy fats.

When his role requires to look more buff, his meal schedule is amped up to 12 times in a day to provide body with excessive proteins.

In Mark wahlberg diet plan he is also a big proponent of breakfast. Recently he got in an online feud with Dr Oz, who supports intermittent fasting and always skips break fast.

“I think for 2020, the first thing I’m going to do is ban breakfast,” the celebrity doctor recently told TMZ. “I don’t think we need to eat breakfast. That’s an advertising ploy.

Wahlberg begs to differ. His morning routine has become legendary, consisting of waking up at 2:30 a.m. and eating breakfast at 3:15 a.m. before he does his F45 Training workout. The 48-year-old actor, who is an investor in the F45 exercise franchise, is clearly doing something right given the pictures he has posted on Instagram of his shredded physique.

F45 Training – Mark Wahlberg

Showing his continued commitment to fitness, the father of four has recently become part of the F45 Training program. Mark Wahlberg Investment Group and FOD Capital are buying a minority stake in F45 Training, a fitness franchise that will use the capital to fuel its global expansion.

Wahlberg said in an interview that F45’s appeal is that it brings such a diverse assortment of people together for a workout that delivers results.

“I’m a fitness fanatic and I fell in love with F45 after I walked into a gym and saw people from all walks of life, all levels of fitness, working out together,” said Wahlberg, who first tried the studio last November.

The company has more than 1,500 studios in 40 countries and partnerships with two dozen universities including Stanford and Texas. It may open as many as 10,000 franchises alone in North America alone.

Mark Wahlberg F45
Source: Dailymail

As COVID-19 draws us all indoors, Mark Wahlberg is still not leaving his way of life. He stated on March 26 :

“I’m coming to everyone’s home this Thursday at 4pm (Pacific time) NO NEED FOR EQUIPMENT! Let’s all workout together and try to clear our minds during these difficult times. Workout will go live at 4pm PT on @f45_training See you then! ”

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