Chris Pratt with his son Jack

Chris Pratt talks Fatherhood

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is the proud papa with ex-wife Anna Faris named Jack. Pratt began a relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger, an author and daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, in 2018.

He quotes at Disneyland’s annual Candlelight Processional and Ceremony:

“For me, being a parent has really changed my life, in so many ways, One of those ways is to understand truly the love that a father can have for a child. And when I stare at this precious little creation of mine here, and I watch the ways in which he tries to please me, I just feel a love that is so pure and unending.”

Jack Pratt

Chris Pratt stated on his relationship with his 7 year-old son Jack Pratt and noted that he can be tough when it comes to laying down the law.


But he also made sure to emphasize that being a loving and caring father is the ultimate foundation of his parenting philosophy. He states this on being a father :

“Look at what your parents did for you and try to do it. Look at what your parents didn’t do and try to do that too. And don’t let overcompensation drive you away from common sense.”

The actor tied the knot to Schwarzenegger back in 2019 after several months of dating and spending good time with each other. They are definitely planning more siblings for Jack, as they cannot wait to be parents together and star a new chapter.

Chris Pratt with Katherine Schwarzenegger
Couple together

Over the years, we have seen lot of social bo0nding between father and son where the activities range from going to monster truck rally together or taking Jack for fishing and also teaching him few tricks.

This one time at a Halloween party, Jack Pratt chose to be captain America and not Star lord and they shared a humorous post about the same. Check out the same below

Chris Pratt with his son Jack Pratt
Chris Pratt with his son Jack Pratt

On being a good parent and teaching kids to be thankful he states :

“It’s a case by case basis. There are challenges my child will face that other kids won’t face. You weigh your own situation. I do think that in this world of privilege there’s an awareness of privilege that expresses itself in the form of guilt. It’s baggage you don’t need to put on your kids. It’s important they don’t take things for granted. Thankfulness and appreciation are one thing. My kid is 7 years old. Let’s not lead with our guilt. Let’s show love and affection. I don’t want to put a ton of guilt on my kid. That’s not fair. Let’s reduce anxiety.”

Jack Pratt isn’t photographed without his eyeglasses on very often. He needs eyeglasses because he has some minor vision issues that relate to his premature birth.

Chris Pratt recently confirmed the birth of his first baby girl child with Katherine Schwarzenegger. The have named her Lyla. They shared on social media

“We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt”

The name Layla is an old one and means “night” in Arabic. Layla was popular during the medieval era in Arabia and Persia.

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