Chris Hemsworth on being a father

Chris Hemsworth on being a father

Chris Hemsworth – The real Superhero dad at home

Chris Hemsworth the literal personification of the demi god who can conjure lightning to obliterate his foes, plays another superhero in the form of an adoring dad which is his lesser known reality.

Chris, 35, is a family man at the core and spends most of his time at home with Elsa Pataky, his wife of eight years, and their kids, daughter India, 6, and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha, 4.

Despite his unending fame and the luxury to travel from LA to Australia every fortnight, deep down he is still a normal father who is trying to do his best for his kids and family. When asked about how his life has changes after fatherhood, he states

“It’s all about you before kids,” “And then you have children and you still try to hang onto that, you say ‘I am who I am’. And then it goes out the window. A lot of my decisions now are based on how things are going to affect the family. What’s the location the film shoots in? If it’s some obscure, not so attractive place, do I want to drag the family there for four months? And then there’s the question of what the role’s going to do to me? Is it going to put my head in a space that’s pretty consuming?

Chris on dad duties

During one of his first auditions, Chris, 25 at that time, received lot or criticism and rejection. He was labeled as being not good enough for any role he would audition for.

The Australian actor, who got his first break on iconic soap, Home and Away, proved the naysayers very wrong. Shortly after that crushing deconstruction, Hemsworth landed the part of Captain Kirk’s father in Star Trek. And the rest was history.

Chris also states that he need more superhero skills when he is around his children. He states

“They’re non-stop, active kids. The biggest thing I’ve learned by having kids is that now I know what love is. I know what frustration is. I know the full gamut of emotions, good and bad. I feel I had just scratched the surface prior.”

He further adds

“Being a father is certainly a task. But the best one that I could ever ask for. Being home, being with the family, that’s what it’s about … It makes me much more relaxed with work, because I have something that is far more important to me now.”

This Father’s day Chirs was seen hanging out with his three kids and wife, having a good time. Chris and Elsa revealed in 2017 that their decision to move to Byron Bay was to give their family more privacy.

Chris Hemsworth with his son Tristan
Chris Hemsworth with his son Tristan

India Rose Hemsworth

Chris is often seeing surfing with his beloved daughter India Rose Hemsworth. For instance this last week, the actor, 36, was seen teaching his seven-year-old daughter, India Rose, how to surf in Byron Bay. 

Chris’ Wife Elsa Pataky spent lot of time in India and Chris himself is in love with the country. That has been the inspiration behind naming their beloved daughter India Rose Hemsworth.

Chris was recently seen surfing with his daughter India rose which they often so as a bonding exercise. The father daughter duo had a blast while enjoying the wave son matching surf boards.

India Rose Hemsworth with Chris Hemsworth
Source : Dailymail

India wrapped a leopard print towel around herself, and appeared to be warming up after hitting the surf in a colourful wetsuit. 

He has been teaching his kids to surf from a young age, just like his father had taught him and his brothers.

Sasha Hemsworth

Sasha Hemsworth is one of the twin kids of Chris Hemsworth and was born on March 18th, 2014. His twin brother is named Tristan Hemsworth. The twins seems to have a natural bond with each other. The family shared the below pic where there see holding hands.

Chris Hemsworth shared the caption “My son said to his brother ‘Tristan hold my hand so you don’t get eaten by a crocodile’ #mykids #littlelegends @australia #byronbay,”

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