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Busy Dad Workout

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One thing that should be priority for us dads is our ability to take care of our physical self. As we try and balance work and family and with each passing day, increasing responsibilities, how do dads find time. Finding time is still half the battle, but what workout should be done to make the maximum of the time taken out.

Even great will be the ability to involve your kids in workouts planning activities as per their age group. For instance, a great way to include your toddlers and better half is to go for a brisk walk and ask them to tag along, with a stroller. Similarly, if the kid can walk, why not go for a small jog. One key thing which dads need to state and lead by example is the goodness in keep moving. As all great things start by a simple plain movement, its importance should be repeatedly demonstrated for the kids to learn and adapt.


If your kids are a little grown up, why not adopt a sport together where competitive spirit can make things even more excited all leading to a good workout. This can also take a form of doing push ups and pull-ups to see who can clock more in a given time.

No matter the result, its imperative for dads to praise their kids so they understand the health spirit of competition as well as sports man spirit. Also highlight the facts about various merits of sweating and stressing on the benefits of rigorous exercise.

Invariably there will be times after office when you are too tired to work out and build some sweat. In such cases, utilize the time to reach office as a workout time. For instance, in some companies there is a bike to office month with case incentives attached to it for further motivation. But staying fit and healthy is an incentive in itself and as a busy father voluntarily can be opted on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Another idea is to keep an exercising unit in your TV room where you do not need to step put of your routine or step away from your kids to exercise. For instance if you have a treadmill in your room,, you can step onto it for 15 minutes while also staying close to your kids who are doing their own activities.

Fitting good nutrition and exercise into a hectic daily schedule can be a challenge for fathers. But the benefits are worth the sacrifice and a little creativity in carving out the time every day can really make the difference in embracing a healthy lifestyle

Happy Workout! 

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