father and baby

15 Best Father and Baby Pictures

We asked several father and mothers on our Instagram page (@dadtribe.in), to share their best father and baby moments. Presenting the collection of Father and child moments in no specific order.

@dadsquaredLIFE : 2 dads elevating the art of style and Joy

Father and child
“Love is love and afternoon stroll in P’town”

@circleofdads : This is not the podcast for the Dad that has it all figured out.

Father and child moment
“It looks magical and carefree, but i see a man that needs to calm down, take himself less seriously and enjoy the bubbles”

@i.m.father : Collecting moments of my kid.

father and child
“Don’t focus on giving expensive gifts to kids. Focus on creating beautiful memories and let them experience the world”

@mom_and_cherry: Proud wife of @tejpalgodaraa 

“No other love in the world is like the love of a father has for his little girl”

@shenanigansofharman : Raising a little man 

“What was silent in the father speaks in the son and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father”

@twingirls_ss : Let’s enjoy our lives through mom’s lenses @prachihamirbasia

Angels are always disguised as daughter – daddy”

@vidhirohan : Mommy to a beautiful little angel MAHIRA.A teacher by profession.

father and child
“The love between father and a daughter knows no distance”

@mom.dad_sonshine : Creating moments instead of waiting for them!

father and child
“Weekday Shenanigans”

@epicdadlife : When life gives you 3 kids you make lemonade, very hard lemonade

father and child
“I am a stay at home dad that is just dong the best I can to raise great humans. i ma with them all the time but I still can’t get enough of them.”

@iathi.26 : I’m hooked on a feeling♥️ I’m high on believing

father and child
“When Momma said lets take a good pic, they heard a flex pic”

@thisguyisaiah : Proverbs 24:16

father and child
“Little miss itty bitty and her daddy”

@coachjoyner24 : Coach|Trainer| Act Big, Breathe Big, Commit Big!

father and child
“My sunshine everyday”

@deepali.takshvi : Princess Takshvi available for commercial ads digital prints media

father and child
” A melting moment was when dad held me for the first time with tear in his eyes, spellbound and a little smile saying hello precious, welcome to our world and let me give you all the love i have”

@manali_shingala :

baby and father
“Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad”

@viraaj_and_mommy : Creative mum to 19 month old

baby and father
“Blessed is the man who hears so many voices calling papa papa papa

@Simran_martin: Don’t Stop Until You Are Proud!

father and child
“He plays with me like a kid, he protects me like a bodyguard and gives advices like a friend. He is not my dad , he’ s my first love, my superhero, my strength my life my king my world my everything”

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