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We all try to be the best dad possible. We work hard to support our family, take care of the soiled diapers and indulge in buying toys. Nevertheless, if you look back, many of the happiest memories of your early boyhood are about how you used to play with your dad. And for sure we all want our kids to have as many of these memories from us as possible.

However, let’s be honest. After a long day, running around in Superman costume and killing imaginary monsters is hardly my top priority. If it is yours, then you are literally a Superman. But if you are mortal, I am sure the following thought constantly comes to your mind: “Perhaps, there are easier ways to entertain my kids…”. I know because it regularly occurs to me.

Being a solution-oriented parent, this has motivated me to come up with quite a few game ideas that I would be able to play while never(almost) having to leave my couch. The Airplane is one of my kid’s favorites.

Ideal for:

When you are definitely not in the right mood or condition to move, but are still able to talk.


You are ready to start by the end of this article 🙂

Time for preparations:

Depends on your reading speed.

You will need:

Anything you can find in the apartment or room: books, toys, food, etc.

How to play: Imagine you and your kid are pilots, you are the captain and your kid is your assistant. You fly together all over the world and you need to stop in different places to refuel, rest, and do some shopping. At each stop, you will ask your assistant to buy something special from that place. For example, the first stop is France, and because France is famous for its fashion and clothings, ask your kid to go and bring you 3 socks, scarfs, or anything that is related. Next stop is Germany which is well-known for its cars.  So your assistant should go and bring you 4 cars. You can make a stop in Italy, which is famous for its food, and have cookies brought (and eaten). Got the idea? You can travel by a cruise ship, car, bus, train, or even Cinderella’s carriage. You can also be traveling across different cities or states of a country.

I strongly advise you to ask for a particular amount of things to be “bought”, which will help your child to practice counting. If playing with younger kids, ask not just for books or cars, but for a blue book, a red car, etc. Use every opportunity to educate your child while playing.

Learning aspects:

  • Your kid is learning basic geography.
  • Your kid is developing their associative thinking ability.
  • Your kid is practicing their numbers.

Bonus tips: To not make a mess in your living space or not pile up with souvenirs on your couch at the end of the game, say that you do not have enough money. And in order to be able to buy something too at the new destination, you will have to return some of the items. And by “return” I mean putting them back in the right place.

May the best dad possible win 🙂

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