Being A Dad

What is about being a dad or fatherhood that makes us unique and special at the same time?

“You call someone “A Father” and someone comes into your life who calls you “A Father”. How amazing it feels”

A man’s mesmerizing journey of being a dad or Fatherhood begins since his wife becomes pregnant. A baby gets growing in woman’s womb and in the man’s heart. Every father must start having conversations with his baby during the pregnancy period of his wife and I also did the same. It connects with your child since his first day which is more and more important and necessary.

I strongly believe in below quote of Erik Erikson” ( A pioneer of child psychology).

A father’s love and a mother love are qualitatively different. A father’s love is more expectant and instrumental then a mother’s love “

·         Though being a father, he uses to stay away from his child for professional responsibilities to fulfill social needs. And when he returns to his child, he greets his child so gracefully, tickles more, giggles more, becomes a child as his own child is. In short, it energizes a father who is totally exhausted during his working period.

·         I, being a father, always desire my child to go to any playground and play, swing a little higher, climb a little higher because it encourages a child to push his /her limits and build a great confidence.

Involvement of a Father

·         Though being only “ A father”, we are “Parents” first. So the involvement of a father is as necessary as a mother’s.

·         If a father wants his child to enter in his world, he must have to enter in his child’s world first to make him feel comfortable and secure. There’s never a barrier to enter in a child’s world.

·         Being a father, we must be involved with it in any way with more love. Being beside morally with your child will surely lead to a feeling of security, safety and care during every phase of his/her life i.e. medication, vaccination, play time, studies, meal time, bed time.

Interactions with a child as a father:

·         Even before a child can understand, get used to talking in a conversational tone, we should discover a way of communication so as to understand him/her and help him/her understand any situation better.

·         A father must be patient when a child asks a question just to understand and answer it properly which can let a child be more conversant.

·         A father should create a habit to connect with his child by avoiding phone calls (if not important) and unnecessary things. It will surely lead to a “DADDY SPECIAL” time with your child.

·         A father must be interacted with his child by telling stories with the use of different voices, motions, facial expressions to make that situation alive. This will help a child to build an interest and you can find psychological, social, mental and emotional development so drastically.

·         When a child enters into a pre-schooling stage, we should go on a walk with him/her and introduce him/her with new things to make their mind grasp more and more and increase their knowledge.

Being a father we must not accept that we are perfect. Rather, we must discover our weaknesses and work on it to make a fatherhood more loyal and honest.

Exploring this relationship with your child can be challenging, but it brings great rewards along with it.

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  4. Congratulations😊Such an appreciable article with full of feelings.. Really,, just like motherhood, fatherhood is also a beautiful journey of life.Afteral father is always a first hero of a child.Keep it up for being more inspiration for others☘️

  5. Thank you so much for your love and support. all the comments mean to me a lot. ❤️

  6. Congratulations..🎉Such a beautifully written by heart..💖Fatherhood is also a beautiful phase like a motherhood..keep posting for inspirations to others👍😊

  7. Great article
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  8. I could not resist commenting. Well written! I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet viewers

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