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A Dad’s Journey – Part 2

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It was 8:35 AM on 18th Feb 2017. I was waiting for them to call my name. What would they call me. “Aashish “,” Mr Aashish” ,” Mr Agrawal”…..i hope they come all the way to the waiting area and let me know. I hope i do not miss the call. Those were the doubts i was dealing with sitting there; in the waiting hall of Hiranandani Hospital, maternity ward OT.

My left hand was swollen and was getting a fair bit of attention from others in the hall.  What happened – an uncle asked. Oh, I met an accident last night. It must be paining a lot. No, in fact, it is not, just swollen a lot. Please take care and see a doctor. Sure, thanks.

The clock struck 8: 45AM, and I was becoming impatient now. Does it take this long? Did i miss the call? Should i go and check? I Think i should.
I went inside the ward and rechecked with the attendant if my name was called. It was not. And i went back to the waiting area. 
“Mr Aashish” – I heard this call at 8:50. ” Mr Aashish” I rose up and hurriedly went towards the OT.I saw a Doctor there and a nurse and in Doctors hands was our angel. 

Hi , I am Dr Sanjiv Ahuja. Its a girl. Everything is fine.

And i saw Dhaani for the first time in my life. There she was, tiny and pristine, figuring out the strange place called world outside the swim of her mumma s belly. 

How is my wife? Was my only question.She is fine, you should be able to see her in an hour.
The doctor expected me to hold Dhaani. I was a bit terrified if i should with my damaged hand. I told him so, and he said not to worry. I held her, with my right hand. With a tear or two in my eyes and a hundred thanks to the one above.
I have seen the moment when you hold your child for the first time earlier only in movies and other such formats. And i had imagined it quite a few times earlier. How will it be. Will it be very dramatic with an outburst of joy, tears, excitement and what not. When it became a reality for me, none of that happened.

There was no outburst. It was a silent prayer – of gratitude; that both my girls were hale and hearty.

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