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5 Easy Hair care tips for Dads in 2020!

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For a part of the human body which lacks the blood and nerves, its strange of much focus goes into hair and the various faces attached to it. The endless products that help and condition the hair its length, its texture and make us look like groomed father and not a caveman who just crawled out off a rock. Also not to forget the talk about the scalp and the array of products that come to moisturize and basically spoil your head skin with all the goodness.

The fact is, various things conspire to rob your scalp of it’s most precious asset. Male pattern baldness, the hereditary condition that’s responsible for 95 per cent of hair loss in men, will affect up to half the fathers by the time they hit 50 and almost 40 per cent of young fathers will have experienced some hair loss by the age of 35. Then their are cases of dandruff which when not nipped in the bud creates havoc with the hair and promotes hair fall.

Combine that with certain lifestyle and eating habits that can either make your hair strong and healthy or cause them to break and fall due to some deficiency.

For dads, as age tries to play catch, there are several ways in which they can take the game to the next level and shave of certain years from the actual number. So how can fathers deal with hair-raising problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up?

We have listed 5 basic practices that can ensure great hair:

  1. Regular Shampoo: This is the basic rule to ensure clean and shiny hair. be it longhair care routine or summer hair care routine when hair get oily and sweaty, regular hair bathing not only ensures its clean of any oil and dust deposits but also adds shine and smoothness. Just make sure to use a branded light on chemical shampoo. Also to add, do not repeat the process of shampoo and rinse after its done once. Not only is a double-wash unnecessary, but it may also dry out your hair.
  2. Barber act: Regular monthly visits to the barber can add to the over look of the hair. Not only will it ensure that the hair style is maintained, it will also help in maintaining regular hair length. If the goal is to not keep long hair, its best to keep the hair nice and short to ensure the split ends are in check. You will see the difference after a visit to your local barber and it also adds to the overall hygiene of the person. Another tip is to schedule you visit early in the day when the chances are that you will get complete focus as its still not peak hour for the salon.
  3. Diet Factor: Hair is mostly made of Proteins and with a focus diet that is rich in proteins and Omega-3, this can add improve the over all strength of the hair. Basic nutrients contribute to keeping us whole and healthy, but protein provides the building blocks that allow us to repair, replace, or grow bones, skin, muscles, and hair. any amount of crash dieting or starvation also depletes the body of natural basic nutrients which are otherwise vital for hair growth and strength. stay away from such fad diets or lifestyle and instead make foods like Meat, fish, Chicken and eggs which are primary source of such nutrition as part of your regular diet.
  4. Regular Oiling: Habit to regularly Oil your hair is a multi faceted approach and is vital part of the hair care. It increases the tensile strength apart from adding shine to the hair. Apart from these benefits, the act of massaging while oiling also stimulates the blood circulation in that area bringing more blood and nutrients to the hair. Further, the overall experience acts as a stress buster and bring a feel good factor to the exercise.
  5. Drying the right way: Hair is the weakest or susceptible to breakage when its wet. And rubbing towel in your hair when they are wet causes them to break or split and overall reduce the texture of the hair strands. A better way is to pat dry your hair making sure that you don’t pull the hair in odd directions.
    This also means that no usage of blow dry especially when the hair is wet. The best way is to have them air dry but if you need to use blow dryer , make sure to use the lowest heat possible and done over use them or they will lose their shine.

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