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5 best Gift Ideas for Dads for 2020!

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Dads are fairly easy to shop for, at least most of the time. However, with constant change in trends and marrying that with individual liking, things get quite ambiguous and frustrating sometimes. fathers has been giving you something or the other since your birth. Right from smaller things like band aid , gloves, instructions for driving cars, solid advice etc , the list can go on. How would you like to return the favour in a classic way. It won’t even out the balance, but then again, he’s the dad and you’re the kid. You’ll always be indebted to him and his bountiful wisdom. So whether he’s into great classic Scotch Whiskey, early-morning bike rides, or making the most out of his high-tech home, there are plenty of gifts to make his day, because he’ll know you’re thinking about him. 

To make things easier we have procured a list of desirable items based on the interest and shopping trends :

Personalised designer pen: Nothing looks better and touches the heart then receiving a branded personalized pen from one of the loved ones. Apart from having your dad’s name etched, pen goes a long way in looking absolute professional on a shirt or even if kept on a desk. (Think Faber-Castell, Pierre Cardin or Mont Blanc)

New Grooming kit: One thing that a dad would always need is a grooming kit which wears down considerably with regular use. Think good quality face oil, shaving brush, shaving cream, razors and after shave. So every time your dad uses one of the items or travels with the kit, he will remember the gift and smile. (Think Nautica, Nivea or Bombay Shaving Company)

Aged Scotch : Its really hard to go wrong with an aged bottle of scotch whiskey, especially one when your dads is a whiskey collector or an aficionado. This gift will require the least amount of research as any good bottle shop can recommend or guide you from the gamut of choices.( Think aged Glenfiddich, Dalmore or Royal Salute)

Pair of shoes : This can really come across right if you happen to know what style is he missing or is looking for. This can range from Oxfords, Derbys, sneakers, loafer or even a solid pair of Chelseas. There are further choice of color and material which when done right, can put a smile on your dads face. (Think Clarks, Steve Madden or Marks and Spencer)

A Cashmere wool Sweater : If your dad is the sweater wearing kind, gift him a decent colored formal cashmere wool sweater, which he can wear to work or when also going to events that require dressing up. (Think Marks and Spencer, Blackberry or Wills)

Any item you choose from the above needs to be presented with full bells and whistles that you can think of. Even a simple gift when presented with neat packaging with some surprise attached to it,can leave a last impression.

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