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5 Proven Male Grooming hacks for dads

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It’s hard for dads to keep a routine that focuses on their overall grooming and hygiene. There was a time when men spending large time in washroom was frowned upon. As young males got married and become dads, the situation became more scorned upon and was met by a level of suspicion. Thankfully, times have changed and the whole men grooming industry is on a rapid upswing with various products targeting different facets of dad lifestyle and getting really specific and targeted with the whole male grooming concept entering the fatherhood industry.

Shaving kits, razors, body washes, facial cleansers and colognes are just some of the many products fathers use to stay looking, feeling, and smelling their best. Whether you’re shopping for a dad who still uses disposable razors and store brand shaving cream, or a dad who expects a certain level of quality in grooming products, you can’t go wrong with these items.

Male Grooming hacks for fathers
Male Grooming hacks for fathers

Along with that comes the importance of basic level of grooming as listed below:

Proactive Barber visits : Every time you go for a haircut to your regular barber, schedule your next visit after 3 – 4 weeks in advance. So even if you notice certain long hair of strands popping up in few days, you are saved by the already slotted barber visit which will guarantee a sharper you.

Dad Scrub : How do you assure a fresher face on Monday morning, ready to take on the week. The trick is to use a Microbead free scrub which takes off the weekend strains from your face. Mix that with a regular moisturized face wash to keep the look going all through the week.

Shave it like a man: Patting your skin with shave oil or a massage cream will assure a smoother shaving experience without any harsh beard hair causing irritation. Similarly using warm water as well as soaking blades in hot water will open the pores of the skin, again resulting in low irritation or redness.

Dark circles: Inculcating an eye serum or a cream early on lessens the impact of the dark patches we see under our eyes. The under eye patches look even more prominent during stress days making the over all appearance of under slept and aged.

Moisturize it like a dad: A good amount of moisturizer goes a long way assuring the skin looks glowy and well fed. For dads who work outdoors, a healthy amount of SPF is also vital to prevent burns or signs of excessive sun exposure. Ideally, get a moisturize which has a certain mix of SPF built in for convenience.

Dads today, as they try and balance multiple things around work and family often neglect taking care of themselves and over look signs of basic maintenance. This further affects the outlook for their personality and raises potential of negative first impression

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