Signs of a cheating wife

31 Clear signs of a cheating wife!

Alright Gents!
You married your high school sweetheart and had a glorious wedding followed by the awesome honeymoon and are now settled in as a married man.

Further down the years you become a father and both you and your wife get really busy with parenting and the whole set of responsibilities that come with it.

But then you suddenly feel the lack of chemistry between you and your wife.

It can be gradual over the years but you can also feel it significantly increased when you realize that somethings off and certain things that you wife is doing or saying does not make sense.

It is then that you are hit with perilous questions like:

Are these signs of an unfaithful wife?

Are these signs your spouse is having an affair ?

Are these signs that she cheated?

Well, its time to put on your sherlock Holmes hat and start looking for certain telltale signs that can help you finally confront your wife of her cheating and infidelity.

Lets start with the most basics:

1. Incessant gut feeling:

Back when there was no technology or the fancy gizmos or even social media, the most dependable and relied upon attribute was the human instinct.

This attribute has been with us since the early ages and helped us survive the hard times. So if your gut is screaming at you that things are not adding up with your wife’s behavior, this can be a sign that your wife is cheating.

2. Dipping Self esteem:

Woman need constant validation of their looks and the way they are doing certain things. Its a hardwired issue and even the most confident wives will look for certain level of support or compliments or appraisal of herself.

In marriage, if these things are missing and you rarely find your self doing it for your wife, then chances are she is getting her validation from some one else.

3. You are the Cheater:

Its the mechanism through which we try and contain the self guilt which plagues most of the humans when they indulge into something wrong, knowingly. In this case, your wife will accuse you of infidelity and will get upset as she draws you in an unnecessary blame match.

The point she is trying to make here is to make you believe that she hates cheating and is anything but a cheating wife.

Whereas on the contrary all she is doing is trying to ease the guilt or trying to make you believe that she has nothing to do with cheating.

Cheating Spouse Statistics
Cheating Spouse Statistics (Credit: Lawrence Ryan Investigations)

4. Varying Sexual Activity:

If your wife suddenly starts getting active in bed or starts decreasing or refusing sexual activity, chances are she is a cheating wife. May be your wife is finding that emotional connection with some one else and gradually she just wants to connect sexually with that person.

Alternatively, they can start getting too active by in bed introducing new techniques or toys in bed. This behavior can also be the reason that she is getting exposed to or being introduced to such things by a third person.

Women can also use this to cover their tracks or again make you believe that she is very much into you all to cover the guilt of infidelity.

5. Suddenly Judgmental:

Again this one is triggered by the self guilt. A cheating wife will visualize reasons in her mind to justify her infidelity towards you. And what better then point the arrow towards you.

If you notice that you wife starts complaining on your habits, your life style, your likes and also your lack of interest in her more then reasonable time, chances are she is trying to put you in the spot and blame you for her infidelity.

The underlying thought here is that your wife wants to prove that you changed after marriage which led her to become a cheating wife to fulfill all that you lack.

6. Work Hours:

If you notice that your wife is spending late hours in office on the regular and something like this never happened earlier, chances are that this is a sign of a cheating wife.

If there are sudden work conferences asking her to travel out of town more frequently, no answer on the phone or phone being switched off, car trouble causing you to reach home late or similar scenarios being played out often, these can be signs of wife infidelity.

7. Sudden Expenses:

Having extramarital affair is expensive. When you add dinners, drinks, gifts, trips etc , they all add up to a sizable amount of money and can put a dent into any family budget.

If you notice large withdrawals from your financial account on the regular or credit card statements pointing towards places you rarely go, these can all be signs of a cheating wife.

You can confront your wife for these expenses and if you think they are not making sense or she is deflecting the questions, chances are she is cheating on you.

8. Self Attention:

This one can be for you or for the other person and does require close introspection. Has she suddenly starting to hit those yoga classes which she discussed forever? Is she suddenly smelling and dressing like a million bucks when earlier she could not care?

Is there an overall obsession to always look great when stepping out or heading to work? These can be signs of a unfaithful wife. All these signs can be from the fact that she now has someone else to impress.

9. Self Explanation:

This is subtle to notice and perhaps can add to the signs if you are trying to be sure that your wife is unfaithful. If yo feel that all of sudden your wife goes into all the details of what she did at work or when she was out, without you asking chances are she is covering something.

She can be acting all revealing here, to make you believe that she has nothing going on. But in reality she is trying to cover up her infidelity by giving you a cover up story.

However, this sign is not always an indication of a cheating or an unfaithful wife. There can be reasons that she wants to connect with you more and also wants to know more about you in similar fashion.

10. Big Money Maker:

It has been scientifically studied and proven that if you earn more or significantly more then your better half, then probability of cheating increases.

There can be cases that your wife has suddenly got that coveted promotion or has taken up a new position which makes her earnings twice as what you make. This financial freedom triggers more independence and that confidence to get away with anything.

11. Social media blocking:

If you suddenly feel that your wife has blocked you or restricted you to access her social media, its a sign that she is trying to hide something. This could be her comments on pictures or other such activities that doe snot reveal the whole picture to what she is up to.

In a recent study done, it has been found out that 17 percent of the affair happen through social media and its one of the top reasons or areas where partners cheat.

12. Unhappiness:

This is rather simple and straight forward. If you wife says she is not happy, do not ignore that.

It has been scientifically proven that unhappy marriage is the leading cause of wife infidelity and they are four times more like it to cheat at some point of time in the marriage. Here is how you course correct.

13. Time Apart:

According to a study done by Travis Institute, if a couple is spending ample time apart, the probability of one of them starting an affair is heightened.

The data points towards the fact that the wives who cheated were in marriages which had barely any one to one time together. This also connects to the earlier points of being unhappy.

14. Access block:

This can be a straight forward red flag or just privacy concern. But if you note that your wife has unexpectedly blocked your access to her phone or computer, its time to dig deep and validate it for infidelity.

Cheating wife

As these devices normally are the communication channel, there are always signs that some chat history or deleted text can be a revealing point into your wives infidelity.

So if you see your partner’s phone blocked from you, its a sign she is cheating on you.

15. Sexually transmitted disease :

Ok, nothing can be more clearer then this. If you do not have it, then its a sure sign she got it from someone else. Worst still, as the signs take some time to pop up, you might also have been transmitted the same in her course of infidelity.

16. She stays reserved :

If your wife has suddenly started to confide in someone else but not you, its a sign that she is cheating. In a marriage you partner is your best friend someone who supports you in your ups and downs.

But if she needs an outsider to trust and to confide but not you, signs are is is a cheating wife and you have been replaced.

17. Random Phone calls:

Ok, we are not talking about spam callers or unsolicited offer makers. We are pointing out to late night calls or odd calls at odd times, which your wife takes and she walks out of the room. This cannot be good and is sure sign your wife is upto something.

What can be so important that it cannot be discussed in front of you? What can she be hiding from you and who is this person calling at odd times? Such queries race through your mind ans is a sign of your wife cheating.

18. No together photos:

If she has suddenly stopped posting your pictures or where the both of you are together, this can be a potential sign of wife cheating.

May be she is gradually scrubbing you off her profile. Or may be she is trying to portray herself single online. All theses are signs of making herself available to extramarital affairs.

In some cases, may be she has already met someone and to corroborate the story she is covering her track by tweaking her account profile and pictures. She can be a cheating wife.

19. Where are you?

If your wife suddenly starts checking up on you and tries to zero down on your location, it can be assumed that she is trying to cover herself up and not run the risk of running into you. Once she has your location, she can conveniently plan her rendezvous with Mr X with no risk of getting caught in the action.

Always note the pattern in which she asks about your whereabouts. Is she doing it only when she is at work? Or is it more in line with when she is out for conference or other chores.

This will help you to understand, where and when she is potentially out cheating.

20. No Going Out:

May be you propose a date night or a romantic dinner at this most sorted restaurant and also have few surprises planned to woo her. You have made in advance reservations only to be told that your wife is not interested.

You might be thinking why on earth would you she say no! You might give her the benefit of doubt thinking she might not be feeling well. But if this happens on the regular, its time to dig deeper.

A cheating wife or an unfaithful wife would not want to go to places where her lover is potentially present or is a regular. May be she does not want to be seen with you. May be she told her new lover that she is single.

Be as it may be, its all to cover her tracks.

21. Unexpected Gifts :

If you start receiving gifts out of the blue and without any special occasion, you might feel pleasantly surprised and also feel good to start with. But if things start happening on the regular, its time to investigate.

Is it a sure sign that she is doing this out of her self guilt? Is she trying to make her self feel better or throw you off course? Is it a sign that she cheated and feels guilty?

It could be nothing at all. But it will still be good to dig a little deeper just to be sure.

22. Her phone is always with her:

So, earlier on her phone was never something she would remember to pick up or probably forget where she kept it around the house. She would ask you to help her find it and like a good husband you would do your part.

But now, she never keeps her phone around the house or on any causal spot. Instead her phone is always on her and also kept on silent. This one even though is not a straight red flag but you might think why this sudden change in habit.

Is she trying to hide something or is scared that you will pick her phone casually and something might be exposed.

Is she an unfaithful wife?

23. She is disconnected :

So, earlier on you might getting the lovey dovey text to some sort of show of affection. She would take time out of her schedule to either call you or text you. These signs represent that she is thinking of you even though she is busy.

But now, you barely get anything. So no calls or no messages. For get about a romantic gesture. All these signs point towards the fact that she has lost interest in you and have found someone more appealing to her. This can be a sign of an adulterous wife.

24. Nonreligious Type :

A study points out that non religious and unhappy wives are 23 percent more likely to cheat or have an affair. On the contrary, if couples are unhappy in their marriage but are regular church goers, they are 12 percent likely to have an affair.

Clearly, the religious kinds or regular church goers seems to make people stick to their partners and not become and unfaithful wife.

So if you see your wife either shying away from church or show signs of detachment from God, it can be a sign of an adulterous wife.

25. Unreachable:

If their are long periods when you are not able to reach your wife, then its time to get worried. Is she unavailable regularly all of a sudden?

Is she deflecting this by saying the reception is off or her phone dies every time you try and reach her? Did she say she was in a meeting or awards driving every time you confront her.

26. Surprise Gifts:

Has she suddenly started receiving gifts without any occasion? These gifts might not have any name or from who they are coming. But when you ask her, she is not able to give a concrete reply.

It can be a secret admirer if your wife is hot. Sure you can give her the benefit of doubt. But id she also has some of the other signs listed here, you can be sure she is a cheating wife.

27. Wandering eye:

Well this can only be an acknowledgement of good looking people, which is perfectly normal. We are wired in a way to admire good looking things along with people as well.

But what if the wandering eye seems out of control? What if your wife cannot let an opportunity go by without checking out other guys ? These are the signs that need to be taken seriously and as a husband you should have a clear conversation with her.

This can be sign of her trying to indulge in cheating and adulterous behavior.

28. Picking Fights:

Has your wife suddenly started picking arguments with you? When earlier, you were amiably able to discuss and have a healthy conversation to sort things out, now it becomes a proper heated conversation on simple matters.

These can be traits driven by her infidelity where she is trying to ease her guilt by blaming you for everything and every little thing you do will be seen as a reason to start a fight.

29. Browsing History:

This a typical sign when someone is trying to cover their tracks or trying to hide something. I case you have common devices like a computer or a laptop at home which you an your wife browse.

When normally your wife would not bother about cleaning her browsing history, now she makes sure she doe snot leave the system with any information on what she browsed about.

She can also block you from any shared accounts you too have. These are all sign of an adulterous wife.

30. Where is the jealousy?:

So no matter what you say or behave there is barely any speck of jealousy that your wife shows.

Earlier on, she would worry about small things and ask you questions to show her that she is protective of you. But now, she is least bothered about your behavior and whether you are having an affair or not.

Its almost like, she wants you to have an affair so she can continue to have her fun on the side. This is a sign of a cheating wife or an unfaithful wife.

31. She is Pregnant:

Ok, if you cannot even recalls the last time you had sex with your wife, then whose baby is she carrying? This is a dead giveaway and more then a sign, it proves that she is in a deep extramarital affair.

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