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3 Easy ways You can Ditch Dark Circles!

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As men embrace fatherhood and reach the 40s, there comes a pattern that points out to various lifestyle related habits and choices that they make. Apart from hearing and reluctantly accepting the dad bod that casually creeps in, some fathers also suffer from dark circles or also panda eyes. These dark rings under eyes form unnoticeable in the starting days and soon they will start being more significant. The major reasons include sleep deprivation, stress and in some cases its also hereditary.

Ditch Dark circles

As the underlying skin beneath the eyes is thin, with age as the elasticity decreases, the circles become more prominent. So how do we ditch them.

Creams/Serums : One of the critical things before finalizing a dark circle cream is it ingredients. The main ingredient which is a must have in the cream you chose is Retinol, which is a Vitamin A derivative, which increases cell turnover under the eye which further strengthens the skin. Another must watch ingredient is the Hyaluronic Acid. This helps in drawing more moisture under the skin cells, thus flattening the lines and wrinkles that you see. These 2 ingredients along with vitamins C and E makes the eye cream potent to treating dark circles. Look for Clinique Anti age eye cream or Forest essential range for a good results.

Cold presses: This is a short term and temporary way to lessen puffy eyes and hence decrease the panda eyes effect. Simply putting ice packs on your eye for 4 to 5 min per day can reduce the puffiness under the eyes. But do not expect permanent changes with this measure.

Concealer: Dad needs to really embrace the metrosexuality for this one. Simply apply the eye cream and let it get absorbed. Post that apply small amount of concealer underneath the eye and you will see instant result.

Unless the dark circles under your eyes are hereditary or the result of advanced age, you have a number of different options to reduce or even get rid of their appearance.

Additionally, from a lifestyle perspective, there are several changes you can make which also aid in the reduction of dark circles.

Diet and Lifestyle:

Foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids that can increase collagen and hyaluronic acid include Oranges, broccoli, Strawberries, kiwis and cauliflower.

Tobacco smoke damages the skin on your face. Among other things, it can break down collagen. If you stop smoking, it can also aid in the reduction of puffy and dark circles.

Exercising more often and for a longer period of time will boost circulation, leading to benefits for your complexion. When you get your heart rate up, not only are you detoxifying your body through sweat, you are also laying the framework which will lead to glowy skin.

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