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What are the 3 ways to be the Ideal husband?

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Marriage is a wonderful experience and something that one can cherish all their life, especially if the husbands try and be an ” ideal husband” And I am not talking about the ones you see on TV , where everything seems great and they paint a great picture. I am talking about real marriages where there needs to be an equal responsibility of both the individuals to work towards bettering the relationship.

ideal hubsand

In more than a few cases, the focus always comes on husbands and what makes them a ideal or a poor husband. The qualities of greatness can be several and pretty much the whole collection of positive sounding characteristics can be listed here. And they will be relevant. But I am listing the three underlying pillars from which further qualities sprout:

“A Great man is always willing to be little” – Ralph Emerson
A humble husband is the one who understands his real statue in the house or in the society but is always looking forward to listen and learn from others. He is patient enough to deal with a sticky situation and always keeps the other’s perspective in his mind while reacting to situations.

This also means that when he makes a mistake, he is the first one to admit and apologise for it and is ready to make amends. He understands other individuals who are more seasoned in some matters and is he does not allow his ego to cloud his judgement. Due to this humility, there is always close bonding between the couple which again becomes the foundation to deal with challeneges of life.

“We trust strangers not because they are always trustworthy but because we want to believe in a world where they are.” – David Amerland
Of all the virtues we as humans possess, trusting someone is the most commonly found across any demographic, sex or age.
A good husband will always keep the trust that he has with his wife as priority 1 and will treat the rest as secondary. He will always make sure that nothing is withheld or kept as a secret that can later jeopardise their marriage or cause a rift between them.

A trustworthy man doesn’t hide, withdraw, isolate, or keeps secrets from his wife. If you want to become an ideal husband to your wife, be trustworthy: choose disclosure over deception; heart honesty over hurt feelings; and sharing over secrecy

Be a Gentleman:
“A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words” – Confucius
Remember those 70s and 80s romantic movies where there was extra cheese conversation between a couple talking about all the simpler things about their relation and life, wives dig that. At least most of them.
So, these manners can include:

-Kiss her hello and goodbye.

-Take her heavy shopping bags for her.

-Open doors for her.

This also includes general shower of tender, love and care (TLC) all through your life together and not only on special occasions.

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