Daughters physical safety

What are the 3 Threats to your Daughters Physical Safety?

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.
– Laurel Atherton

We live in a strange world. A world where we envision and behold women into Goddesses, exhibiting them as the all powerful and slayer of the demons and the wicked. And at the same time we see incidents of rape, abuse, objectification, kidnapping and many more on a day to day basis.

I have never personally come across news paper or a news channel that would not mentioned one to two stories where one of the listed incidents has not happened involving a women.

Now, what sort of questions does that raise for a father who is trying hard to raise his little girl in this world where it seems God has forsaken it for good. My daughter is little now but soon she will grow into a lady and be exposed to the outside world, where good and bad co exist. How can i ensure her physical safety as a father.

The key lies in preparing her for these things right from the start. We have tried and curated the most basic and potentially threatening reasons that our daughters need to look out for:

Communication with unknown men: There will be times when she will be in a position where she will be talking to a stranger. In such scenarios, there is always a potential for things to go awry and how can she scape if things do.

The risk can also be from an unknown woman and she should be prepared at the back of her mind as to how to get out of the situation if things go south. One thing that can be key here is to always where comfortable shoes, that can enable her to make a run from such situations.

Daughter talking to unknown men
Daughter talking to unknown men

Isolated places : Normally, whenever we here of any incident involving a women, more then 90 percent of the cases the location is an isolated spot which is away from the crowd or people. So our daughters need to avoid going to such places with anyone she is not comfortable or sure about. Even if she is alone, an isolated place would never be a good idea to go to alone as nothing good happens at such spots.

Daughter in isolated places
Daughter in isolated places

Parking Spots : One common spot , which becomes a venue for lot of ill activity is the parking lot of places like grocery stores, multiplexes and even restaurants. These places also become a common ground for people involved in bringing harm to our daughters. Be it drugs, abduction or abuse, parking spots presents avenues for all such ill fated activities.

So we should teach our daughters to be sure who has parked next to them while they are on their way to get in their car. If they get suspicious about a vehicle next door, they should refrain from going there alone and instead call for help to her father or friend. She should be on high alert whenever she is in parking and is alone

Daughter alone in parking spot
Daughter alone in parking spot

There are other scenarios as well where we can expect physical harm to our daughters. The best way is to have them ready at a young age so they no what they are dealing with as and when it occurs.

Apart from educating her on the various threats in day to day life, also promote self defense among daughters so they should be able to manage on their own whenever there is need. But it all starts with staying vigil whenever she is outside and alone. Any of the above scenarios might occur.

Our world is not the one we grew up in and likewise the ills of this world are new and some are unknown as well. The advent of Internet and social media has led to lot of exposure to young minds and as fathers we need to face the truth about the world our daughter is growing up in. But the right education and guidance at right time can protect our daughters mind and heart.

They need to understand and value the gradual process of building relationship and intimacy, so they don not fall in an unwanted trap leading to an emotional roller coaster or ending up with something tragic.

In a way we as fathers need to protect them from themselves as they grow up in this crazy world.

1 thought on “What are the 3 Threats to your Daughters Physical Safety?

  1. Beautifully expressed concerns for the safety of our daughters. Over n above is to infuse moral values n responsibilities to our kids.

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