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What are the 3 Father’s day gifts from a daughter?

How can daughters make Father’s day special? There seems to be an unlimited talk about gift ideas for Father’s day but what makes it special is the person from whom it is coming. One such special person is the daughter with whom fathers have a deeper connection. Fathers day gift from daughters can make the event extra special.

There are other gift ideas for fathers which we recommend otherwise for any occasions, but the ones listed above are to create that special feeling on the Father’s day. Remember, whichever gift you decide on, do not forget to make it as personalised as you can and do not forget the bells and whistles that go with it. This could include the presentation, the atmosphere, the moment you choose to finally present the gift.

We have curated certain unique gift ideas for father’s day:

A classy leather Wallet: One thing that we have noticed about Fathers is that they rarely pay attention to the condition or the choice of wallet they keep. All the roar about digital money is also taking the attention away from this accessory which was once seen as central to possession. Choose from a range of hand made leather ones which can either be bi fold or a trifold one, depending upon what you like and what you think your dad will like. To make it extra special, one can also slide in a special picture of the two of you as a cherry on the cake. This will definitely bring a smile to your fathers face

A Fabulous perfume: Normally for Fathers, they are stuck in the times when using a deodorant and getting a hair cut was enough. Little do they know that he list of to do have increased and some items are a must have for fathers. One such accessory is a perfume. There are some really good perfumes out there from which you can choose. The likes of Hugo Extreme , Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua and Boss Bottled Intense are some of the established and recognized perfumes out there. You will have to however decide on the type of fragrance he prefers say from woody to musky to citrus like depending on his personality and likings.

Sports branded stuff: If your father is a follower of a sports team across any sport like Basketball or football, how about gifting him a special personalized item which you know he uses every day or every other day. This can be a team branded beer mug to his favorite player branded coffee/tea cup to his favorite team’s key chain or a car pillow. The list is endless and you just have to be creative enough to select one which will impact him the most.

This is his day, lets make it special

PS: We love you Dad 🙂

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