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21 Daddy Daughter date Ideas, by actual dads

Ask any dad about his daughter and you could literally see the love in his eyes. Typically you will hear :

My daughter is Awesome


My daughter is beautiful


“My daughter is my best friend”

But there will be times when you have to spend father daughter quality time together or a father daughter date to really tel her how you feel about her. Father daughter date ideas can be pretty much anything. The essence is to spend some quality time together to make your daughter feel special.

We spoke to several dads and asked them about the daddy daughter date ideas and how would they typically plan one. here is what they say :

Nelson Camacho states for a daddy daughter date “I usually take her to eat somewhere like McDonald’s or peter piper pizza where she can play, then we go see a movie then some ice cream afterwards. She’s only 4 and I started our daddy daughter days when she was 3. She loves it and usually dresses up in her princess costume dresses for the date. “

Howard Matney states “Taking her to work so she can make money and not depend on a deadbeat husband. ..! “

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Cliff Young states for a father daughter date “I took my daughter to my partners hair salon to get her hair done and brought her flowers and went out for lunch “

Joseph Pylant tells us “I took my daughter on train ride to city and we were all dressed up, went to Broadway show, had dinner and took train back

Riaan Pretorius states for a father daughter date “The perfect date: Boyfriend come to visit, he mow the lawn, he wash both cars….he go home. The end.
Father daughter date: Shop for new clothes, enjoy lunch, watch a movie. Sunday go to church and then have a braai.

Mike Barr tell us for a daddy daughter date “Walks to school playground, the park, pools or river and bush, sneaky trip to McDonalds for ice cream, driving with music and singing. “

daddy daughter date

Ben Ridley states ” I’m teaching my 7yr old to play drums so we love hitting the rehearsal rooms for an hour to ‘unleash’ 🤣 followed by a Nando’s obviously. “

Jeremy Hicks states for a daddy daughter date “over the last 13 years my girls and i have done everything from eating out, movies, manicures/pedicures.. to fishing, mudding, hiking, and hunting. “

Wade Thigpen Jr states for a daddy daughter date “Once a month I give my daughter her own day, we call it Ganna Day (her name is Morganna)
On Ganna Day she gets to pick everything; the parks we visit, movie we see, the event we go to, the restaurant we eat at, games we play.. whatever she wants to do. “

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Ron Linkins states for a daddy daughter date “I take my middle daughter to play D&D with my group. My oldest, we have a restaurant that we love so it’s kind of our thing. My youngest is 20 months old so we don’t have many daddy daughter dates planned lol

Tony Diaz states “I enjoy taking my daughters to museums. I get the best hugs at the end of the day when we had a ful day of fun and quality time

Father daughter date
Father daughter date

Robert Wulf states for a daddy daughter date “Simple: Go karts. Nothing better than going Mariokart on your daughter to establish dominance B-)Complex: Indoor Skydiving. Learn an impressive new skill with your daughter and create a beautiful routine that you two can thoroughly enjoy. “

John Vincente tell us “American Girl Doll store including reservations at their cafe for lunch. It’s in NYC if your little girls have one you must take her And of course get dressed up once a month and take her out to a nice diner Daddy Daughter Date night

Bradley Heinss states for the father daughter date “We go to the park, go bowling, go out to lunch, get our nails done, go to museums or amusement parks, go to the beach, go ice skating, etc. The important part isn’t what you actually do, it’s giving her undivided attention. “

Matt Gerdes tell us ” My best date was father daughter golf tournament on fathers day as team mates she made two long putts for birdies and 30$ closest to the hole what great day

daddy daughter date

Ryan Murphy tell us ” My 16, and 15 year old girls love just driving listening to music and making dumb videos of me lol my 5 year old now a date with that lil gem man o man tee party time and pretend cooking for days with her!! “

Corbin Doak tell us for daddy daughter date “When she was young I would get her on my days off. We would call them Daddy Daughter Day. We would go to the zoo or the aquarium or watch a movie. As she got older we would go to Starbucks and spend some time together.

Andrew Kitty recalls that for daddy daughter date ” My four year old has wanted to see the stars so bad. I know that sounds crazy but you cant see them here do to the lights. So I took a 45 min drive just to find somewhere got out of are van and just looked at the stars she still talks about it today. The little things “

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