Coronavirus Survival

15 Supplies for Coronavirus outbreak

In case things get ugly

WHO (World Health Organisation) just released a statement, confirming that health officials are in in an uncharted territory as the spread of Corona virus increases. Till now, there has been close to 90,000 reported cases for Coronavirus across the globe and 172 deaths outside China, tasking the count to 3115.

The US reported six deaths from coronavirus, as the outbreak that started in China continues to spread to new countries around the globe.  Citizens are expecting disruption is normal work life as the expectancy to stay indoors at home is inevitable.

Corona virus symptoms

Coronavirus symptoms include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Corona virus origin was in Wuhan City, China. The first infections were linked to a live animal market, but the virus is now spreading from person-to-person. It has been reported to be animal coronaviruses which infect animals and have emerged to infect people and can spread between people.

No confirmed coronavirus treatment or cure has been reported till now. However, 20 potential vaccines aimed at preventing coronavirus disease are in development around the world. One already available drug called Remdesivir which was earlier used to treat Ebola virus, is being tested to treat Coronavirus.

There is no need to hit the panic button and go loot a grocery store or a bank. But is always wise to be prepared for long stretches of indoor time for yourself as well as the little ones in case there is a Coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s prepare the shopping list for Corona virus readiness:

Liquid hand soap

It’s imperative to wash your hands thoroughly and assure all the edges of the hand and wrists are taken care of as you lather them. Also scrub them for a complete minute or repeat the process so the process is thorough. It will be best to have them air dry or if you have to , use a clean towel.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol are to be used repeatedly every time you touch an outside object. Also repeat the same process for all the family members.

Laundry Detergent and Dish Soap

Wearing clean clothes and eating from clean dishes has to be a priority in such times. So to assure the same, buy large packing of both detergent and dish washer which can be used if things get rough or even later when things go normal.

Paper towels/toilet paper

This one’s a no brainer. Just stack em up for 1 – 2months of supply. You will need them for all sort of cleaning and wiping activity.

Powdered Milk

This one is an old survival food. This one can last for almost a decade and also is rich in vital nutrients that the body will need in such times. It can also be added to the likes of  cereal for variety.

Diapers and baby food

Diapers and baby food will be needed in such times so stack em up for a month or two’s supply. Buy large packages so its also easy to store and locate them.

 Frozen food

These foods almost have the same nutrients as regular foods, since they are blanched after harvest.  They also give a much longer shelf life which will come in handy as you stay indoors for weeks/months. Keep a variety of frozen foods ranging from berries, spinach, peas, carrots. So the whole


Stack up on regular medicines of cold and cough which you normally take. Do not forget the prescription specific medicines and get them for the extra month you will be staying indoors. Do not forget the essential drops and medicines for the little ones.


Its always good idea to disinfect the tables, chairs and beds you will use while indoors. Periodic cleaning of such daily usage objects is always a good idea. Also keep in mind the electronics that you will heavily rely on. All the devices ranging from phones to tablets to television needs to be disinfected for safety.

Dried food

Lentils, Pasta, Oats, soup all offer good nutrition. Include variety of nuts as well so you can get all the essential nutrients for the body.


This one is again from the survival guide.   Always a good idea to have few large containers for storage of random articles or come in handy when you need to just stuff somethings away. Keeping storage dry and cool also help in longevity of various foods.

Watered canned foods

Foods like Tuna in water or tomatoes in water have good shelf life. They are also good in nutrition value and the water can also help to hydrate.

Pet food

Think about your pet as well in such times. Store away pet food and all that is needed for him to keep him healthy in such times.

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